No matter where you go in the world, art has always been a good source of cultural knowledge. One only needs to look at a place’s art scene to get a better understanding of the rich history and culture that has been curated throughout the years. You can say that’s part of their DNA. 

For Ilocos, this DNA is integrated into their fabrics and in their clay jars. 

Inabel Weaving

Photo from Ink and Pen

Weaving an Inabel fabric requires a specific traditional technique passed down through generations. It is woven using ancient handloom and is usually made with cotton fiber. These fabrics are then used to create beautifully crafted pillowcases, tablemats, blankets, sweaters, etc. 

Some traditional designs include the geometric “binakol” or “inuritan”, the spiral “kusikos” & the flower called “sinan-sabong”. Traditional Inabel weavers are called “agab abel”. 


Burnay Pottery

Photo from ICHCAP

Burnay pots go through an arduous process that makes them distinct and special. Initially, the clay is kneaded by carabaos before it goes into the hands of the potter. Still spun by foot up to this date, it is then shaped into jars, dried before being burned in a kiln. Burnay potters are called “agdamdamili”. 

Nowadays, the art of weaving and pottery is slowly dying. With all the technological advances, the traditional way of making these crafts are losing to fast-paced commercial industries that mass produces them without the thought of preserving the exemplary quality created through years of experience and skills. Furthermore, these living traditional Ilocano artisans are being constantly threatened by the loss of interest of the general public. 

As tourists and visitors to the Ilocos region, we can all support and help by purchasing from them directly. They also host workshops should this interest you. Whatever form of support we give them will certainly go a long way in keeping this part of our Filipino DNA live for more years and generations to come. 

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