Filipinos have once again been advised to stay at home. Not that it changes any measures released by the government before, however, the additional two weeks of strict measures only make us miss escaping to see a different view and be in a different situation. 

We’re back to daydreaming our travels because of #MECQ. Why don’t we try solo backpacking and visiting cities that are nearby each other?

Here are the places in Luzon that you can explore in a row:

  1. Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte

  • The Cordillera Region is filled with unique attractions that one can not easily forget. From the old Calle Crisologo depicting the Spanish era in Vigan City to the Windmills and Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte, these places should be in your backpacking list since they are as well easy to navigate. 



  1. Pampanga to Zambales

  • If you’re having a blast, why don’t you go off on a road trip to Pampanga, eat the city’s specialty dishes, then head out to a beach trip to Zambales! Fill your stomach with good food, at the same time, fill your heart with good memories on the beach! 


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  1. La Union to Baguio

  • Spontaneous trips are always the best. And as they say, there’s no way but to go up! If you are a fan of surfing through the big waves and partying at night then a trip to the beach of La Union is your sure-fire starter. After this, take the road up north to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It’s like experiencing the two seasons of the Philippines - basking under the sun to wearing your sweatshirts right after. Just the best of both worlds. 

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Backpacking is recommended for those who always seek out adventure. These people basically are meant to travel far and travel with or without companions, making tough decisions on the road. If you are someone who seeks this kind of feeling, try the abovementioned trails of destinations after this pandemic is all over. 

We miss traveling with you! For now, plan your adventures with RedDoorz. 

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