There are quite a few waterfalls you can visit upon exploring Cebu – that is if you have enough time on your hands to do so. But if you’re in a tight squeeze for time, why don’t you check out our top 5 list of the most stunning waterfalls you can visit in the Queen City of the South.

They may or may not require a long journey but the sceneries and photographs – Instagram worthy ones– you can get from these stunning places will undoubtedly be more than enough to get you by. 

Kawasan Falls in Alegria - Kawasan Falls is one of the many popular waterfalls destinations in Cebu, and it’s obvious why people can’t seem to not put this on their top list. Not only is it a must-stopover on the way to Moalboal or Oslob, but visitors can also do all sorts of activities aside from taking a dip down its clear blue waters such as canyoneering and cliff jumping.

Photo courtesy of Swedish Nomad

Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan - Tucked away in the hills to the east of the small town of Ginatilan, Inambakan Falls resembles the Kawasan Falls but minus the crowd. All 7 levels of waterfalls can be swum in and they range in size. Also, because there aren’t many who frequented this spot, you can be assured that the magnificent landscape and water-scape is undisturbed.

Photo courtesy of  Jonny Melon

Dao Falls in Samboan - The trek to Dao Falls is beautiful in itself. It’s not too difficult to do which is all the more what makes going to Dao Falls more alluring and much more motivating to do unlike some that require a more strenuous physical work. But the outstanding clear turquoise blue water which you will see along the trek is motivation enough to see and experience the waterfalls at the end of the journey.   

Photo courtesy of: Miked’s Travel PH

Himbabawud Falls in Busay - Just less than an hour ride from Cebu City and another 45-minute trek, Himbabawud Falls should be included in anyone’s must-visit waterfalls in Cebu. It is situated amongst the thick forest, making the waterfalls and running river a beautiful contrast to the greens it is surrounded with. We’re not entirely sure if this beauty should be kept as a secret or not. 

Photo courtesy Journey Era 

Lusno Falls in Ronda - Compared to the others on this list, we consider Lusno Falls to be the hidden gem of all Cebu waterfalls. It is quite off the beaten path which is why only a few ventures into this place – and that’s quite alright if you ask us. But if you do find yourself heading to this spot, you will find that crystal blue waterfalls are surrounded by beautiful sandstones and luscious greens that could make anyone’s difficult journey so much worth it.

Photo courtesy of Journey Era

Include these stunning waterfalls on your next adventure in Cebu, and take those Instagram worthy shots to remember your trip by. Also, remember to book your stay in one of RedDoorz’s many Cebu hotels. We offer some of the best rooms with the best affordable prices, making your stay in Cebu a very memorable one.  






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