Have you ever wondered how street names in the Philippines were chosen and why were they chosen? If you have, then the answer is pretty simple.

Filipino street names were chosen by a government agency here in the Philippines called the National Historical Commission with a mission to promote Philippine history and cultural heritage through research and conservation. This agency was tasked to select the names of important people to name our streets with.

But of course, they can’t just select anyone.

To qualify for a street to be named after a person, he or she must have made a considerably significant contribution to the Philippines. So in short, the street names we now know are acts of gratitude to honor and to remember the legacy made by these people.

We list down 5 of the most famous ones and where you can find them.

Bonny Serrano Avenue – Formerly known as Santolan Road, Colonel Bonny Serrano Avenue can be found between Quezon City and San Juan City. This major road was named after Colonel Venancio “Bonny” Serrano who is among the most decorated Filipino Korean War veteran and was also awarded the Philippine Medal of Valor, the highest military award given by the Armed Forces of the Philippines for all of his accomplishments. 

Photo source: Wikimedia

Gil Puyat Avenue – Gil Puyat Avenue is named after former Senator Gil Puyat Sr., who also founded Manila Banking Corporation (China Savings Bank) and Loyola Group of Companies. This major road connects Makati City to the coastal portion of Pasay City.

Photo source: Judgefloro

Marcos – There is a lot that can be said about the late President and strongman, Ferdinand Marcos, including the many infrastructures he ordered to be built. To commemorate his efforts, he named highways after him such as the Marikina-Infanta Highway. There are also streets named after him and his family in his native province of Ilocos Norte.

Photo source: Philippine News Agency

Colon Street – Known as one of the oldest and historical streets in downtown Cebu City, Colon Street is named after Cristóbal Colón or Christopher Columbus. Its origin can be traced down to Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador and first Governor-General in the Philippines. This street is also considered as the oldest and shortest national road in the Philippines.

Photo source: Gelo Gonzales

Quirino Avenue – Quirino Avenue is a divided highway located in the capital of the Philippines. This runs for about 2.2 miles long that stretches from Santa Mesa to Roxas Boulevard. This whole length of the highway was named after the 6th President, Elpidio Quirino. You can also find the same name in Davao City in Mindanao which was formerly called Tomas Claudio Street.

Photo source: Rio Hondo

It’s certainly difficult to choose which are our top picks of the most famous and historical street names across the Philippines. With our rich history and ever-changing street names, even historians and experts will have a hard time choosing which ones to put on their lists. But having said that, we hope our list has made you interested in learning more about our country’s history.

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