Compostela Valley, now known as Davao de Oro, is a quiet province that offers magnificent landscapes, inviting beaches, gushing waterfalls and varying mountainous terrains. Located just 90 kilometers north of Davao City, this place is not only a melting pot of gold as this is known as the ‘Home of Philippine’s Mining Industry’ but it also owns striking caves perfect to quench that thirst adventurous soul of yours.

First on the list is San Vicente Caves of the Municipality of Nabunturan. This unique cave has four different caves and each possesses different adventures all naturally and beautifully formed to excite us even more.

Photo courtesy of Out of Town Blog

The first one, which has a cool name of Cave No. 1 opens with a 60-feet foot drop which can definitely pump your adrenaline into a rush! This cave is also called the ‘sinking cave’ thus if you plan to visit this small but terrible one, you surely be super careful to avoid any mishap. The second one, known as Cave no. 2, is hugely appealing because it has stalactites that look like popcorn. The third one, as you can guess is Cave No. 3, offers a 30-foot descent which can make all the adrenaline junkies really excited. This one is also filled with bats known as ‘guano’ so surely you will get out of this one brown and dirty. Cave no.4, the last cave, has stunning rock formation and water pools leaving you wet but wanting for more.

Second on the list is Tagalog cave located in Sto. Nino, Laak. It is an ‘alive’ cave where you can witness water dripping from its stalagmites and stalactites as if they are breathing in and out. It is named after its land owner named Alfredo Valentin who came from Luzon. Beneath its solemn surface stand an array of stalactites and amazing rock formations. A river sleeps beside it and it is observed that water usually goes through this cave.

Photo courtesy of SunStar

Imagine a cave with different pools of water? Amazing right? Yes, Compostela Valley has another of it and it is located in the Municipality of Mawab and it is known as Mahayahay Cave. This cave will welcome you with beautiful limestone formation and if you plan to trek on its inside, you must be really careful because its pools have fresh water fishes and crabs!

Photo courtesy of Davao de Oro

Just a few on the list but enthralling adventure is ensured. Pack your bags and put on your trekking shoes and miss no chance to experience this one of a lifetime cave-venture in Compostela Valley! See you there!


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