The City of Pines is not just known for its cool weather and many natural parks. It’s also known for its ukay-ukays or thrift shops. So, when they say shopping in Baguio is an experience not to be missed, they’re certainly not talking about malls here.

There are plenty of vintage and thrift shops around Baguio. You can even find an entire building from the basement to the 3rd floor. But a trip up north to this province wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Baguio Night Market.

So, what exactly can you see once you explore this must-to-do in Baguio?

1. Street foods – From Filipino street food staples to Korean ones, you’ll find that the Baguio Night Market is a great place to go for a food trip. There are plenty of street food stalls that cater to whatever you’re craving. You can have deep-fried street foods such as fishball, kikiam, hotdog, etc, or even hot noodle meals like Mami, beef pares, etc which are perfect for the cool weather.

Photo source: Pepper PH

2. Ukay-ukay – Baguio Night Market wouldn’t be this popular if it wasn’t for these vintage and thrift shops. You’ll find stalls after stalls of secondhand treasures. It can be pretty overwhelming at times especially for first-timers but once you get your groove, it can be as fun as a treasure hunt.

Photo source: ABS CBN News

3. Local products/brands – Along with the ukay-ukay stalls, Baguio’s local brands and products such as shirts, caps, and mugs are also a highlight in the Baguio Night Market. So if you want to get your pasalubong needs to be finished immediately, you can do it while exploring the night market.

Photo source: Baguio City Guide

4. Indigenous products – Baguio Night Market also sells all sorts of products made by ethnic tribes in the Cordillera region. One of the items you can purchase are scarves woven from Sagada.

Photo source: Lost and Wonder

You can pretty much buy anything you want in Baguio Night Market. Even if you don’t feel like shopping, walking around and taking in the sights, sound and even taste are a great way to spend your time there. Just don’t forget to be extra careful with your belongings, especially your wallets.

The Baguio Night Market can be found in Harrison Road near Burnham Park, and is always open from 9 pm to 4 am daily.

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