Since we’ve somewhat tasted a little bit of freedom, we know that the recent lockdown is a total bummer to all our plans. However, think of it this way, it’s one of the best ways to keep the new Covid variant from infecting more people, and eventually stop it from spreading. So, this is certainly something we all need to endure and overcome once again for the safety of everyone including ourselves. 

Once this is all over with and we found ourselves at the end of this tunnel, we can bet that all of our travel plans will be a lot better and safer. But it’s not to say, you can’t dream nor plan those travels right at this moment. 

If you’re starting slow and near the metro, you might want to include these adventures and fun activities in that plans of yours. 

Bulacan - A lot of tourists may not include Bulacan in their list of places to visit in the Philippines. However, this progressive province in Central Luzon offers plenty of attractions and activities that visitors will find educational and exciting. Even if you only spend just a day there, we’re pretty sure that it’s going to be one packed itinerary. 

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Activities you can do here: 

  • Explore Biak na Bato

  • Go spelunking in Bulacan’s many caves such as Bayukbok Cave in San Miguel and Pinagrealan Cave in Norzagaray. 

  • Visit the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm

  • Go on an exotic food adventure at Nina’s Fried Itik Restaurant in Baliuag or Citang Eatery in Malolos

  • Go and chase waterfalls in Norzagaray 

Tagaytay - Tagaytay has always been among the top places for road trips even before the pandemic hit. With its cooler weather and natural attractions, it’s one of the most convenient destinations coming from the city should you need to spend some time admiring the great outdoors. It can’t be helped that Tagaytay offers quite an impressive list of restaurants and cafes, making it a great place for a food trip as well. 

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Activities you can do here: 

  • Horseback riding in Picnic Grove

  • Visit museums such as the Puzzle Museum

  • Take a boat ride around Taal Lake

  • Have fun at Sky Ranch

  • Eat some Bulalo in Mahogany Market

Rizal - The province of Rizal has plenty to offer visitors. It’s also one of the easiest places you can visit especially if you live in the northern and eastern parts of the Metro. It is known to have a great panoramic view of Metro Manila and some hidden gems as well. 

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Activities you can do here:

  • Visit Pinto Art Museum 

  • Have an amazing meal at The Burrow Cafe 

  • Get that much-needed R&R at Luljetta’s Hanging Graden Spa

  • Go on an adventure at Masungi Georeserve

  • Explore Antipolo’s Majestic Cave

Batangas - Another favorite for quick getaways, Batangas is among the provinces near Metro Manila that offers some of the best beaches you can visit. It also offers quite an extensive list of tourist attractions and places to fill your belly with some delicious foods. 

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Activities you can do here:

  • Visit Fortune Island

  • Go snorkeling in Anvaya Cove

  • Have a relaxing time at Old Grove Farmstead

  • Eat your heart out at Cintai Coritos

  • Hike Mount Gulugod Baboy

Laguna - Laguna has become famous for both local and foreign tourists alike. It’s a favorite for family and company outings because of its proximity to the city and offers plenty of attractions for whatever kind of visit you’re in for. 

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Activities you can do here:

  • Hike Mount Makiling

  • Reset in Bato Springs

  • Take a breath in the Botanical Garden

  • Spend a day in Nuvali

  • Immerse in Paete’s art heritage

Pampanga - Home to several famous mouthwatering cuisines in the country, Pampanga is one of the places you certainly need to visit very soon. From historical and cultural to natural sites, it’s a province that can be best enjoyed with loved ones. 

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Activities you can do here:

  • Take a dip at Villa Alfredo’s

  • Enjoy the Giant Lantern Festival

  • Eat your heart out at Apag Marangle

  • Have fun at Zoocobia

  • Visit Nayong Pilipino 

Bataan - Visiting Bataan will certainly feel like you’re going back in time with plenty of historical sites found within the province. Aside from those places, however, Bataan also offers for those who love the great outdoors. 

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Activities you can do here:

  • Have fun at Zoobic Safari

  • Visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

  • Hike Mount Samat and visit the Dambana ng Kagitingan

  • Explore the Five Fingers Cove

  • Learn about the Death March through monuments and markers within the province

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