Camiguin may be a small island in Northern Mindanao, but it is packed with so much beauty that you’ll likely want to come back again. You won’t run out of Instagram-worthy places to fill your feed with when you travel here.

From famous tourist spots to hidden gems, Camiguin is easily one of the most beautiful provinces you can visit time and time again.

Burias Shoal – For water enthusiasts and divers, Burias Shoal is a must-visit natural reef paradise. Sprawling with steep walls and slopes covered with the most beautiful and colorful corals, it is easily one of Camiguin’s most famous attractions. It is also considered one of the best diving spots in the country.

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Ardent Hot Springs – If there’s one thing you should include on your list to visit in Camiguin, it is to go and experience Ardent Hot Springs. Located right smack in the middle of the jungle, these natural hot springs which are heated by nearby volcanoes are the perfect getaway from your busy schedule. Truly an oasis worth going to.

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Sunken Cemetery – You wouldn’t normally visit a cemetery when you’re on vacation, but you might want to when you’re in Camiguin. Located in the town of Catarman, you’ll find a huge concrete cross in the middle of the water to act as marker and old tombstones underwater. It is to remember the time when Mt. Vulcan erupted causing the old town of Catarman and the cemetery to sink.

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Katibawasan Falls – Surrounded by lush greeneries is the picturesque Katibawasan Falls standing at 70-meters. It is the tallest waterfall you can visit in Camiguin, and definitely a must-visit destination.

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Tuasan Falls – The most popular waterfalls and tourist destination in Camiguin is the Tuasan Falls. Alike the Katibwasan Falls, it is also surrounded by raw and unspoiled jungle that makes the overall scene quite majestic. The trek to where the falls is located also gives quite a view of making the trip all more worthwhile.

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White Island – Just off the coast of the main island of Camiguin is the beautiful sandbar called White Island. Named after its white sands, you can rent a boat and spend the day lounging or playing around its fine sand and go swimming in its warm shallow water surrounding.

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Mantigue Island Nature Park – If you’re up for some jungle adventure, then Mantigue Island Nature Park is the place you should visit in Camiguin. Located 3 km away from the main island of Camiguin, visitors can explore the sandy floors of the jungle and see all sorts of animals roaming around this unspoiled island such as monkeys, birds, and lizards.

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Mount Hibok Hibok – One of the tales that surround Camiguin Island is how it was formed because of a series of volcano eruptions and earthquakes. It is said that the number of volcanoes that can be found on the island outnumbers the towns, and one of the most famous ones is Mount Hibok Hibok. The trek to Mt Hibok Hibok can be quite challenging but the view and the scene it is surrounded with definitely makes up for it.

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Guiob Church Ruins – Ruins have quite a nostalgic – sometimes melancholic – but certainly are beautiful places. The Guiob Church isn’t different from the rest of the many church ruins we have across the country. This moss-covered architectural structure ruined from Mt. Vulcan eruption of 1871 still stands today.

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It’s because of these beautiful spots and more that makes Camiguin Island one of the top destinations in the country. We recommend visiting it now if you haven’t explored and enjoy all these amazing and beautiful places on the island.

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