Some people think that visiting Mindanao can be dangerous. However, if you really think about it, wherever you travel to, there is always that possibility for danger. Researching in depth is the key to making sure that wherever you go, you’ll be safe. 

That being said, Mindanao is a great place to explore. Most people who have already traveled in this region called it the land of promise. Simply because this southern part of the archipelago offers a lot of things for all sorts of travelers.  From mountains to gorgeous falls and enchanted rivers, exotic animals, and more, Mindanao is filled with attractions and activities to your heart’s content. 

Here, we’ve listed down 6 places you have to visit in Mindanao and what makes them affordable to travel to. 

Cagayan de Oro - CDO is a good starting point for when you want to visit other provinces in Mindanao such as Bukidnon and Camiguin. CDO offers quite a travel experience for whatever your budget is. 

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Bukidnon -. Bukidnon’s stunning natural visual and delicious fruits are something everyone must see and taste which the latter is relatively cheap there. What makes it different from other tourist destinations in the country is that most people visit this province for its rolling hills and vast highlands. You can read more about the beauty of Bukidnon here. 

Photo source: Philippines Lifestyle

Camiguin Island - The second smallest island in the country is jam-packed with all sorts of sights. Getting there may be challenging as there are no direct flights, but you can easily go around the province for less than a few thousand. Food is relatively cheap as well. 

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Davao de Oro - Also known as Compostela Valley, Davao de Oro is a quiet province that offers magnificent landscapes, inviting beaches, gushing waterfalls, and varying mountainous terrains. Not many tourists have visited this place and most of the attractions aren’t as highly commercialized, making it affordable to visit this province. 

Photo from Lake Leonard Eco-Tourism Park

Zamboanga del Norte - Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte has a rich history and culture. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that traveling there is expensive. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit while you’re there, and some of them will not cost you big. 

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Davao -  This exciting city in Mindanao is a great way to begin your journey in the south - just like CDO. With some of the country’s finest attractions and equally great tasting local produce such as Mangosteen and Durian, visitors will certainly find Davao a great place for both vacation gateway and thrilling adventure no matter what your budget is. 

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There are plenty of places in the Philippines you can visit even without a big travel budget including these Mindanao provinces. Researching and organizing your travels can help you save on costs. Additionally, choosing to save on accommodations can help save on expenses, and eventually help you spend more on other things like activities. 

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