Surrounded by the Bohol Sea is the small island province of Camiguin, second only to Batanes in Luzon for its size. Albeit, its size, like Batanes, Camiguin is one of the places in the country that’s considered to be rich and packed with not just culture but with visual beauty as well. 

That being said, we recommend you to visit this beautiful island in Northern Mindanao because there’s plenty to explore, and it takes only a short time to see everything. Either Camiguin’s your destination or just part of a larger itinerary, there’s not a doubt that this island shouldn’t be part of your must-visit list. So if you’re planning to visit Camiguin very soon, here are 5 things you need to know to prepare for your trip. 

  1. Island Born of Fire - Camiguin is known as the “Island Born of Fire”. It is because of volcanoes and island movements that created and molded this island into what it is now. Currently, it has 7 volcanoes and several volcano domes. All of Camiguin’s natural beauty can also be attributed to these majestic but powerful land formations, making Camiguin one the country’s most visited places. 

Photo source: The View Camiguin

  1. As above, So Below - What makes Camiguin a top destination in the country is because it packs quite an itinerary. Especially for those adventurous souls out there, this island has pretty much everything. From hiking up Mount Hibok Hibok to diving down to see the sunken cemetery and beautiful coral reefs, you won’t run out of thrills to do. 

Photo source: Philippine Beaches

  1. World Renown Dive Spot - Speaking of diving, Camiguin is listed as part of the top 10 dive spots worldwide. It boasts plenty of coral reefs and dive spots that only a handful of divers have explored. Some of the famous ones include Mantigue Island Natural Park, White Island’s Black Forest, Burias Shoal, and the Sunken Cemetery. 

Photo source: Solitary Wanderer

  1. Lanzones, Lanzones, Lanzones - It is believed that Camiguin’s Lanzones are the sweetest because of the island’s rich volcanic soil especially during the Ber months. Locally called Buahanan, Lanzones is the official fruit of the island province. They even host a Lanzones festival every October to celebrate bountiful harvests. 

Photo source: Rappler

  1. A Destination, Indeed - Unfortunately, there are still no direct flights to Camiguin if you’re flying from Manila. Though they have their airport, you still need a connecting flight from either Cebu or Cagayan De Oro where most major airlines are. You can also take a ferry from CDO. 

Photo source: Guide to The Philippines


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