Boracay will always be one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations of all time. No matter how much you’ve gone there in the past, it’s a place where you’ll most likely come back from time to time, and for good reason!

With its fine white sands and crystal blue waters, it’s a paradise through and through. Furthermore, the locals will always greet you with the warmest smiles and welcome you with open arms every single time you come back. 

Now, aside from exploring and chilling by the beach, there are other interesting things you can do in Boracay. These mostly involve thrilling adventures that will certainly make your trip to this Visayan island an exciting and fun one. 

Thrilling water activities - Boracay has plenty of water activities you can try your hands on. From the chill paddleboarding to more exhilarating flyfishing, you can either enjoy it by yourself but we highly recommend sharing the experience with others. Other water activities include riding a banana boat, jet ski, and of course, what’s a Boracay trip without paraw sailing. 

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High altitude activities - Aside from all those water activities mentioned previously, there are other activities you can try that involve being elevated up in the air. These activities will surely give you that amazing scenic view of the entire island. These activities however are very dependent on the weather and require much more physical strength. Head on to Bulabog Beach to learn kitesurfing, windsurfing, and paragliding. 

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Underwater activities - With beautiful crystal clear waters, it’s not a surprise that Boracay has equally majestic marine life. Explore the underwater beauty of the island by trying your hands on snorkeling, scuba diving, and even free diving if you can. 

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Exciting land activities - Though most of what we’ve mentioned so far mostly involves water, this next interesting activity you might want to try next involves exploring the rest of what the island has - which is the island itself. If you’re much more interested in keeping your feet dry, maybe these activities will excite you. You can try hiking up Mount Luho that has several activities including cable cars and zip lines or go for an off-road ATV ride on the island. 

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Explore other islands - There are other smaller islands beside the main Boracay Island that also have some amazing beaches. You can try going on an island hopping tour to explore these places including Crocodile Island and Magic Island. 

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Boracay is indeed a place like no other. That’s one of the reasons why people keep on coming back. If you find yourself planning a trip to visit this place soon, why don’t you try some of these interesting things to make your visit that much memorable. Take note, however, that some of them might not be available during this time. Best to check before planning your trip. 

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