Our summer plans are on hold. There’s no way we can go out. The lockdown won’t be lifted anytime soon. We get the picture and we have to play our part in order for everyone else to be safe.  The only place we can roam around at this instance is our homes, so, why not treat every corner like a tourist spot and follow an itinerary?

Give these below recommendations today a try and feel free to share it with your loved ones!

**Binge-watch K-Drama on Bedroom Island*

*It will be such a disappointment if you haven’t started watching Crash Landing On You on Netflix? How about Itaewon Class? We urge you to go to your bedroom, lock your doors, and watch these Korean Dramas! We promise you, your isolation in your Bedroom Island is surely worth it. 

**Cook hearty meals in Kitchen City*

*Once upon this quarantine, you have been called to be a tribute. Your family doesn’t mind if it’s your first time in Kitchen City but they want you to cook for them still. So, you are left with no choice but to attract them with fried eggs, hotdogs, etc. Don’t worry! You will get by.

**Read a book on Sofa Street *

*Have a pile of unread good reads? The soft cushion on Sofa Street is ready to accommodate your ass for a longer period of time when you decide to open a book today. Be ready to get lost in another world through the stories in your books!

**Home Workouts at Garage Hotel*

*Get your booty to work! Open up your Garage Hotel and try to do squats, push up, and sit-ups either in the morning or at night! Happy hormones are one of the benefits of working out and we all need to be at our happiest right now! Let’s get moving!

**Clean and disinfect your house! *

*Turn your house as clean as a RedDoorz room by cleaning and disinfecting every corner with alcohol-based products! Wash your hands at all times using running water and soap afterwards. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way we live. This lockdown might take some time but we know we will all get through this together while practicing the safety measures imposed by the World Health Organization.

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