When you think of Laguna, a couple of things might immediately come to mind. Whether that’s Buko pie or the many hot springs you can visit, Laguna is becoming more known to both local and foreign visitors as a destination. The fact that it’s just a few hours away from Metro Manila also makes it that much more appealing.

If you need more convincing to plan a trip soon, then these 12 reasons may just be it.


1. Get to know Maria Makiling – No, we’re not trying to scare you or anything here but we only meant that you should visit and explore Mount Makiling, one of Laguna’s famous attractions. This mountain range that resembles a woman lying down on her back with her hair flowing and knees raised towards the sky is a favorite for weekend hikers and travelers.

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2. Visit the Seven Lakes – The town of San Pablo is known for its 7 lakes. Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t just have one or two beautiful lakes, it has 7 that is between to mountains – Makiling and Banahaw – to boast: Sampaloc, Yambo, Pandin, Bunot, Kalibato, Muhicap, and Palapakin.

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3. Have lunch in Lake Pandin – Interested in eating while enjoying a bamboo raft ride in one of the famous 7 lakes? Then, we recommend you to try it in Lake Pandin.

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4. Reset in Bato Springs – Bato Springs in San Pablo is the perfect place for that much needed R&R. It offers a variety of springs in different shapes and sizes suitable for when you’re with company or just by yourself. If you’re the latter, however, we suggest going during the lean season so you don’t have to share a pool with a crowd.

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5. Visit the famous Pagsanjan Falls – Another famous tourist destination in Laguna, this 330ft tall waterfalls is a must-see when you visit Laguna. Plus, the ride going there could be an experience in itself because you can choose to ride a canoe or a bicycle.

Photo source: RJ D explorer


6. Get to know where our National hero’s beginnings in Rizal Shrine – Another thing Laguna is known for is being the birthplace of our National hero, Jose Rizal. Born in the town of Calamba where the Rizal Shrine is also located, you’ll be able to see and re-learn about his early life.

Photo source: Tupanggala


7. Take a breath in the Botanical Garden – What was once a research facility to support forestry and plant sciences in the 60s, Makiling Botanical Gardens is now a recreational center where you can visit and inhale some of the freshest and purest air around. Make it more fun by setting up a picnic and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

Photo source: My Life and My Travel


8. Visit Cavinti Japanese Garden – Get to enjoy this very Zen garden that also serves as a shrine in memory of the Japanese who died during WW2 which was created by the Philippine-Japan Friendship Society.

Photo source: The Daily Posh


9. Spend a day in Nuvali – This may be somewhat on the commercial side, but Nuvali is a place you’ll want to consider. Shopping mall aside, Nuvali also offers a lot of fun activities like wakeboarding and off-road cycling.

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10.   Enjoy Enchanted Kingdom – You can be an adult and still enjoy amusement parks. As one of the few remaining amusement parks left in Luzon, why not enjoy a day in Enchanted Kingdom just having fun and reminiscing your childhood?

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11.  Walk around The Underground Cemetery – Looking for something unique to do in Laguna? Try visiting the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan. Don’t worry it’s no longer a cemetery but more of a museum nowadays, so you can be sure aren’t desecrating anything.

Photo source: Nomadic Experience


12.  Immerse in Paete’s art heritage – Known as the “Carving Capital of the Philippines”, the town of Paete is brimming with all sorts of interesting art. Even if you aren’t an artist yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy walking down the streets and getting to know this lakeshore town through its artistry.

Photo source: PIA-Gov


Undeniably, Laguna is a place with an innumerable number of hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. From natural attractions to invigorating activities you can find yourself doing in this province, you’ll find that you might need more than just a weekend to explore. So, if you do find yourself planning a trip down south to Laguna for more than just a day or two, we recommend staying in one of Red Doorz hotels and affiliate hotels that are scattered across the province?

We believe that you don’t need to break the bank to have the best experience, and with Red Doorz, you can be guaranteed that. You can get the most out of your stay in Laguna with us. You can also count on us for the safest stay during this time. For bookings and more information, check out our website or download our mobile app now.

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