Baler is more than just the beaches and its waves. It also offers quite an array of places that tourists can explore and enjoy while they are there.

Even if you don’t come for the surf nor do you want to go to the beach, you’ll find that Baler has plenty to offer. From nature lovers to history buffs, this list of Baler tourist spots will give you other things you can visit while you’re there.

Ermita Hill – Ermita Hill played a significant role in Baler’s history as it saved people from a tsunami during the 18 century. That’s why visitors can find statues at the hill to commemorate this historic event.

Photo source: GMA Network News

Diguisit Rock Formation – The Diguisit Rock Formation can be found along Diguisit Beach, one of the famous surf spots in Baler. Even from afar, you can immediately see this natural creation that creates such a picturesque landscape, especially during sunsets. These rock formations also create little whirlpools whenever the waves are strong or the tide is high.

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Museo de Baler – If you want to delve deeper into Baler’s history or even the Philippines in general, then Museo de Baler is certainly the place you should visit. You’ll find that the museum’s collections date back to the Spanish Colonization.

Photo source: Tupang Gala

Doña Aurora Ancestral House – Another great piece of art (and architecture) that shows Baler’s history and culture can be found in Doña Aurora Ancestral House. This once residence of the late President Manuel L. Quezon and his wife, Aurora Quezon, is now turned into a museum, a time capsule of some sort as you’ll find everyday objects, photographs, and more.

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Baler Hanging Bridge – The Baler Hanging Bridge wasn’t made as a tourist spot. It was initially intended for the locals who use it to cross to the other. However, because of the view, it shows off of the river.

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Dicasalarin Cove – The Dicasalarin Cove is a secret beach located cove located beside the Dicasalarin Beach. Visitors who want to see the entirety of the cove can go up the hill where a lighthouse can be accessed as well.

Photo source: No Juan is An Island

Digisit Falls – The Digisit Falls is pretty accessible. Tourists visit love visiting this place just near the main road. It’s a pretty short trek which makes it all the greater to include in your itinerary. Plus, it’s water is very cool and refreshing.

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Baler Town Plaza – Town Plazas are a great way to observe and get to know Baler and the locals. Aside from it serving as the local activity center, it also holds quite a few historical and artistic artifacts that you can check out.

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Baler Catholic Church – This small church near the town plaza symbolizes a significant history not just of Baler or the Philippines, but of the world as well. The Baler Catholic Church is the key venue of the world’s longest siege which took place from 1898 to 1899 called the Siege of Baler.

Photo source: Appetizing Adventures

Balete Park and Millennium Tree – The Millennium Tree in Balete Park is the largest tree of its kind in Asia. It is also a more than 600 years old Balete tree and was designated as the country’s official millennium tree. Tourists love visiting this magnificent tree and exploring the caves and crevices that were formed from its roots.

Photo source: Viggatin Tourism

Haven’t visited any of these places? Plan your trip to Baler soon. Whatever kind of traveler you are, there’s a tourist spot and activity that you will surely find. And to make your adventure in Baler the best, book your stay with RedDoorz Hotels for the best accommodations for a very affordable price.  Visit our website now! 

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