In the age of social media, we learned that in order to keep our travel memories and experiences, we can maximize the power of Instagram. On this platform, we edit our photos accordingly to create an aesthetically appealing feed. 

And if you’re one of those Instagram addicts, then it is with pride that we share with your our top 10 Instagrammable RedDoorz hotels that you can book for your next great adventure this September! 

Plus, it takes your Instagram-gaming to the next level!

**RedDoorz Plus @ Sindalan San Fernando Pampanga*

In love with brown? Check out RedDoorz Plus @ Sindalan San Fernando Pampanga! This affordable accommodation has a rustic, cozy vibe that is perfect for your “Moody Brown” preset. 

**RedDoorz Premium @ West Avenue Quezon City*

You may want to spend a weekend here because of its posh, homey ambiance perfect for your much-awaited staycation. Aside from it’s beautiful and comfortable rooms, Take a shot at night on their rooftop bar, and fall in love with the view and the city lights at night in Quezon City. 

Photo courtesy of iamissa.com

**RedDoorz Premium near Mines View Park *

Take RedDoorz Premium near Mines View Park in Baguio City for a photography session with your family and friends and its facade and indoor design won’t disappoint. Pop some color into your feed and let others feel envy of you sitting by the windows. 

**RedDoorz Premium @ Venice Luxury BGC 2*

Some late afternoon binge-watching on Netflix or a quick pool session in Bonifacio Global City? Both deserve space on your Instagram! Have a quick side trip also to Venice Mall and enjoy a cruise in the Macau-inspired river situated right in between the residences and the mall. 

**RedDoorz Plus @ Maria Cristina Arcade - Cebu*

The intricate details in the interiors of this affordable hotel make the space stand out. The choice of colors, furniture, and indoor plants create a stunning place that could also complement your white curated profile on social media. Note that the property in Cebu is also ideal for family vacations!

**RedDoorz Premium Sta. Rosa Tagaytay*

The Tagaytay sanctuary reminds us that life should be taken at your own pace. Serene, calm, and posh, RedDoorz Premium Sta Rosa Tagaytay promises that and it can be proven by its ambiance. That, exactly, will reflect on your photos once you pose and click your handy camera. 

**RedDoorz Premium @ Abueg Road Extension*

An epitome of the paradise, the property is your perfect host in Summer Season. If you need a place to flaunt that body and let all your Instagram followers see how much you love your shape, our hotel in Puerto Princesa Palawan is here for you.

**RedDoorz Premium @ Health Centrum Hospital*

Hip restaurants and stunning cafes always make their way into our Instagram feeds. Wall art, tabletops, well-crafted chairs, and tables, all of these are in this affordable hotel in Roxas City, Capiz. You’ll also find beautiful paintings here. 

**RedDoorz Plus @ Aguirre Ave BF Homes*

The property is a Santorini and Mediterranean inspired hotel strategically situated in the gated community of BF Homes Paranaque. Its elegant furniture, room wallpaper, and colorful elements are your perfect backdrop for every snapshot. This lodging will stand out on your feed and can instantly gain hearts!

**RedDoorz Premium Guadalupe Village*

Did we mention that we have a lot of properties with a swimming pool? But aside from this fact, this RedDoorz hotel in Davao sports a homey ambiance and showcases a beautiful garden that will instantly create a picture-perfect moment for you!

Can’t get enough of charming and well-decorated hotels? Plan your next travel with RedDoorz and share your experience on Instagram! Book our affordable hotels this September for as low as P499! For your great adventure is just a RedDoorz away!

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