The very first Sans Hotel in the Philippines is finally here. 

Located along Claro M. Recto in Manila, Laperal Building opened in the 1940s post-war era, signaling a rise after the emotional turmoil Manila endured. As this part of the city grew into what we know now as University Belt with schools opening and expanding, and more students were coming in, the building became a huge part of the community having students as its tenant base. However, as time passed by, this particular area in the city fell into urban decay, bringing along the Laperal Building. 

For years, Laperal was forgotten and in the worst state until it fell in the hands of a husband and wife team in 2012. As ardent heritage advocates, they decided to preserve the building and bring it back to its original purpose, a stylish place one can call home. 

In 2018, Laperal Building became known as Youniversity Suites, a 14-story co-ed dormitory. Preserving its art deco style, this became home to countless students before the pandemic hit. 

But due to Covid-19, students and pretty much everyone had to follow quarantine guidelines, pausing operations for the building. 

This presented an opportunity for the establishment to grow and explore and is now ready to venture into the next level and make new experiences happen as SANS Hotel Ph. 

Sans Hotel 

Sans Hotels is a trendy, economy lifestyle hotel brand that aims to provide vibrant experiences for customers at a low cost. Each hotel has a unique design, theme, and personality that is specially designed for the Gen Zs and millennials market who value the seamless integration of stylish comfort and smart technology. The first Sans Hotel is now open for travelers in Manila and will open more properties in Tagaytay City and Cebu City.

Designed especially for the Gen Zs and millennials market, RedDoorz’s new line of accommodation is perfect for those who value the seamless integration of stylish comfort and smart technology. It’s a perfect combination of style and comfort without having to break the bank. 

To book a stay, simply type in SANS Hotel Laperal Manila in the RedDoorz App or website. It’s that easy. So, what are you waiting for? 


Photos from: ℅ BluPrint and EatsASmallWorld.com

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