Reddoorz has become my refuge

Traveling is part of my daily life. Notwithstanding the fact that world adventure is incorporated to me as part of being a seafarer, travelling really suits me well. Living in the province gives me the appetite of exploring the city and Manila is always in the crosshair when the hunger for adventure sets in.

Looking for a place to stay has always been a dilemma for me. I would spend extra time looking for recommendations and feedback regarding customer experiences and satisfaction which takes a toll for me especially in a time constraint travels. Booking procedures, convenience and ease of location are the major tick box for me when it comes to choosing accommodation. Then I found Reddoorz, where booking has never been easy and convenient. With an array of hotel affiliations in key locations across the city, I never run out of options wherever I need to be.

I remember when the sea called me and I had to be in the office for my dispatch process for a very short time due to snap crew change. We were all left hanging as the agent from the destination country hadn't issued immigration clearance for us to be able to board the airplane. With only 2 hours left prior to the booked flight, the company told us that the flight would be cancelled and rebooked for tomorrow morning. It was 11pm.

Imagine if I didn't know Reddoorz that time. The anxiety of looking for a hotel to stay for the night at such an ungodly hour with heavy and plenty of luggages  would be dreadful. Luckily, Reddoorz saved the night, I booked at Reddoorz Plus Near UST Manila where I spent the night and had a relaxation before the scheduled flight. That's when Reddoorz became my refuge. I would say that it has been my most memorable experience. Yes, it is not the usual fun and enjoyable moment, but the convenience Reddoorz has given me during that time has been immeasurable.

During this time of pandemic and health crisis where safety is of utmost priority, travelling has been restricted albeit official travels are permitted. As a seafarer - which I also consider as a frontliner profession for keeping the world economy running by ensuring that the supply and demand chain of valuable goods remain uninterrupted - I cannot avoid to travel from and to the city to process my documents ready for next embarkation. I never worry, I have Reddoorz whenever I need a place to stay with safety and cleanliness guaranteed.

Looking back, I would say that in this digital age, it is of great help if we take advantage of maximizing the power of information technology. By having a phone application at hand, booking is just a click away. With great selections of hotel accommodations, promo codes, discount vouchers and hygiene pass guaranteed, Reddoorz is on top of its game.

I can't wait looking forward to my next memorable travel adventures!

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