Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) that is looking for a place to stay for the meantime before coming home to your families during the pandemic?

We’ve listed down these RedDoorz Hotels for you located in the Metro so that you can relax and have a comfortable stay:

  1. RedDoorz Plus @ Jardin Suites Guadalupe Nuevo

The budget hotel is located in one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. 

The rooms of the hotel are equipped with amenities such as hot and cold showers, Wi-Fi connection, cable television, vanity kits, and complimentary bottled water. From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, it will take you around 19 minutes or more depending on traffic and route taken to get to the property. 

  1. RedDoorz near Pasay Taft

If you’re looking for a hotel that’s very accessible from the international airport, you may book RedDoorz near Pasay Taft. The safe and sanitized space boast of facilities such as lounge, kitchen, Non-Smoking Rooms, Room Services, Water Heater, Smoking Area, and 24 hours Front Desk.

  1. RedDoorz near OWWA Pasay

RedDoorz near OWWA Pasay is a budget hotel accommodation, which caters to usually backpackers, travelers, and families and friends who like to have a relaxing stay in Metro Manila. But during the pandemic, the property can serve as your safe space that closer to home since it has a pleasant ambiance. Since it’s nearby the OWWA office, it could give you access to some important matters while you’re in Manila. 

  1. RedDoorz @ EDSA Pasay

RedDoorz @ EDSA is one of the first hotels to be HygienePass Certified, meaning, it has passed the hygiene and sanitation standards set by the authorities during one of the inspections of our Public Health Official. More than having a relaxing and comfortable space, this budget hotel is guaranteed free from any health risks. 

  1. RedDoorz @ University Belt Manila

RedDoorz @ University Belt Manila is an affordable accommodation at one of the bustling areas of Metro Manila. The easy-to-find budget hotel has enough space that features our service guarantee such as comfortable beds, reliable Wi-Fi, hot and cold showers, cable TV, toiletries, and bottled water.


These are just a few of the Department of Health and Bureau of Quarantine RedDoorz Certified Hotels. You can book these online at www.reddoorz.com/en-ph

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