Just Southeast of Metro Manila, you’ll find the lovely province of Laguna. Known as the birthplace of the Philippines’ National Hero, Laguna offers quite a diverse attraction and activities that any kind of traveler would enjoy. 

Haven’t explored this great province yet, you might want to read our practical guide to make it easier for you to plan your trip there. Along with that, why don’t you consider staying at our RedDoorz Plus hotels in Laguna to get the best stay for your trip? 

RedDoorz Plus near Villa Lagos Pansol

RedDoorz Plus near Villa Lagos Pansol is a budget hotel accommodation that offers huge safe spaces for groups of people who’d like to unwind, have a staycation, and relax in a place not far away from Metro Manila. The property is a perfect spot to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city proper.  

The hotel ensures guests a comfortable and relaxing stay through its complete amenities in all accommodations such as hot and cold shower, cable TV, wifi connection, vanity kits, bottled water, and comfortable beds. The budget accommodation also features a swimming pool that guests can use during their stay.

Where: Villa Lagos, Pansol, Calamba, 4027 Laguna, Philippines
Best Price: as low as ₱ 1,104.38

Reddoorz Plus near Municipality of Luisiana Laguna

RedDoorz Plus near the Municipality of Luisiana Laguna is a budget hotel that lies in Luisiana Commercial Complex that features spacious rooms ideal for guests who’d love to spend a vacation alone or with a group of people. The accommodation could be a reference if you’re traveling in the future.  

Where: Ibanez St, Ibanez St Laguna, 4032 Laguna, Philippines
Best Price: as low as ₱ 907.50

RedDoorz paves the new way for Filipinos to have safe and quality hotel experiences and risk-free travels around the country with the best affordable offers in the market. Book your stay by visiting our website and downloading our mobile application now!

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