Traveling has evolved in so many ways. With the birth of social media and its counterpart celebrities, the way we travel has seen a change when it comes to finding and booking our accommodations. 


More people are now attracted to staying in places - particularly hotels or resorts - that are “Instagram worthy” or trendy, a concept that isn’t exactly new. However, a slight difference is that now people aren’t just attracted to the physical look - although this is a major factor, indeed. Along with its attractiveness, people are looking more for the complete package: stylish, comfortable, accessible, and all money’s worth, whether that may be on the more affordable side or the expensive side. 

Another factor you can include in this travel evolution is the demographic. In recent years, the industry has seen an influx of younger generations traveling more than just the older ones who can afford a luxury vacation. Thus, trendy hostels, boutique hotels, and more are starting to pop up. This gives travelers nowadays more options when it comes to finding the right kind of accommodations for their needs and personality. 

With that in mind, for this post, we invite the yuppies, the Instagram-savvy, the trendy, and the explorers to take a look at RedDoorz’ newest line of accommodation in the country called SANS Hotels Philippines. 

Sans Hotels is a trendy, economy lifestyle hotel brand that aims to provide vibrant experiences for customers at a low cost. Each hotel has a unique design, theme, and personality that is specially designed for the Gen Zs and millennials market who value the seamless integration of stylish comfort and smart technology. The first Sans Hotel is now open for travelers in Manila and will open more properties in Tagaytay City and Cebu City.

Situated along Claro M. Recto Manila, the first SANS Hotel in the Philippines can be found in the 70-year-old, Laperal Building. 

In 2018, it became the home for university students known as Youniversity Suites, an art deco building that also houses food kiosks, entertainment and lifestyle shops, and other restaurants that were frequented by many. But because of Covid-19, The Youniversity Suites suddenly had to pause operations as students, and pretty much everyone needed to follow quarantine protocols. 

This presented an opportunity for the establishment to grow and explore and is now ready to venture into the next level and make new experiences happen as SANS Hotel Ph. 

Whether you’re staying by yourself or with your friends, get ready to live well and chill in a vibrant safe space that is perfect as your home base for your Manila city exploration and more. 

To book a stay, simply type in SANS Hotel Laperal Manila in the RedDoorz App or website. 

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