Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City has become a bustling hub of activity in recent years. This should not come as a surprise, considering that a number of commercial establishments have cropped up here. Add to that are the premier educational institutions that line the area, along with specialty schools and tutorial centers.

During weekdays, you can find hordes of students getting their fill of lunch in one of the nearby restaurants or hanging out at a café while waiting for their next class. Families, on the other hand, frequent the area on weekends to spend some time together over a good spread of delish meals. Barkadas, likewise, venture into the area, especially at night for a round or more of drinks in one of the late night bars that dot the avenue.

If you find yourself wanting to head out to Katipunan to have fun with your loved ones or friends over the weekend, or maybe duty calls that you attend a training or conference in one of the universities in the area that will probably last for days, it is important that you have an accommodation nearby. That way, you can experience the best of “Katips” and save yourself from the hassle of Quezon City’s maddening traffic. This is where RedDoorz Premium near Ateneo Katipunan fits in.

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This RedDoorz hotel is a modern accommodation that boasts all the comforts you could possibly need to have a pleasant stay in QC. All the rooms here are not just spacious and nice, but also feature such amenities as air-conditioning unit, satellite television, water heater, coffee and tea maker, and a key card slot for easy and secure access. Beds and pillow are also comfortable at best, while the linens are guaranteed spotless—so a long and deep sleep should definitely be in order for you. Free access to a reliable WiFi service is also standard, making sure you can be online to update your social media accounts or keep in touch with your business partners.

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In the aspect of customer service, the staff in this RedDoorz hotel are trained and committed to meet the fundamental expectations of guests. As such, you can be assured that check-in and check-out process are hassle-free and assistance is readily available throughout your stay. Should you encounter any problem with your room or, perhaps, you require recommendations for dining options, there is a round-the-clock front desk that is ready to help you. Put it simply, total customer satisfaction is the factor that underpins the service provided by our staff here. So when it is time to leave, you will have this yearning feeling to extend your stay a little longer.

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On top of the quality rooms, amenities, and customer service provided at this RedDoorz hotel, its location is something worth boasting as well. As it sits near a major thoroughfare, getting from different parts of QC using public transportation is easy. Likewise, as Katipunan Avenue itself is known as a certified foodie haven, there are hundreds of gastronomic finds just walking distance from the property that offer a wide array of foods, fit for a wide range of budgets. Some of them are even operating for more than a decade.

If you dare to venture out in Katipunan Avenue to explore its hidden gems, you want to make sure that you stay in the area for more than a day to get the best experience. With that, you need a good place to crash in at night to avoid the heavy traffic and comfortably recuperate from your day of gastronomic exploration, and RedDoorz Premium near Ateneo Katipunan is the accommodation that is right for your needs.

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