The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we move around the world. Everywhere we go, we see people wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and staying at home until we flatten the curves. 

Safety has been on top of our priorities. 

And as we [code:  PHTH10AQAWAA6QAF - view details here:  https://bit.ly/PHTRHunt] shift to our new normal, staying in a safe space will now always be part of our basic needs.

That’s why, at RedDoorz, we ensure that a much safer and cleaner environment awaits you when you finally decide to travel again after the quarantine!

Worry free stays 

RedDoorz immediately responded and prepared hygiene and sanitation initiatives even before the national government declared the virus as a crisis. Some of these initiatives are:

*Alcohol-based sanitizers are provided at the lobby for guest’s use. *Hotel premises, including the rooms, are frequently cleaned and sanitized. *Face masks and PPEs are distributed to the hotel staff.

Opening doors to frontliners

Our hotels have also been a sanctuary to several medical frontliners at the time when going home was a risk they couldn’t take. 

Our hotels continue to be available for booking for employees of essential services, BPOs, OFWs, medical frontliners, and other individuals as stated by government guidelines. 

Looking forward to having you again 

We are also ready be your safe space for your future travels. 

During these times as well, your booking options will remain flexible, RedCash expiration is temporarily paused, and our Customer Service will be available round the clock should you need assistance in managing your bookings. 

We can’t wait to be part of your travel moments again this year! Worry not about your health and make RedDoorz your safe space anywhere you go in the Philippines. 

Plan your travels from now until December! 

Enjoy a safe space at RedDoorz!

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