With numbers of positive cases still at an all-time high, we can’t fault you if you’re still uncomfortable going out even if it means not being able to visit your favorite restaurant yet. We believe that it’s always better to be careful than anything - even if you’re fully vaccinated. 

Again - you can still get Covid-19 even if you’re fully vaccinated. You can still carry it and affect others who are more susceptible and vulnerable to this virus. This includes children who aren’t safe against the new Delta variant. So, if you’re still anxious about leaving the comforts of your house, it’s all good. Take your time, and to help you with food options that you can order for delivery, we got your back! 

Salad Stop - Looking for something healthy to eat? Then Salad Stop’s many various salads, wraps, and more are the perfect place to order. Whatever your nutritional diet is, they have something in store for you. 

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Crosta Pizzeria - Nothing says like good food delivery better than a pizza. But if you’re tired of the usual places, we suggest trying out Crosta Pizza. They are known for their sourdough-style round pizzas along with their famous square Detroit and Sicilian styles with puffy and crunchy crumbs. They also have an available vegan option for those who are particular with their diets. 

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North Park - Since we’re on the subject of good food deliveries, another great thing to get is Chinese food. There are plenty of great Chinese restaurants you can choose from but North Park will always have a place in our hearts as a place we all stumble on at early hours in the morning after an amazing night out. 

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Mang Inasal - Love a good chicken inasal? Then, you can now get Mang Inasal right at the comforts of your house. The only downside is that you can’t get their unli-rice for now. 

Photo from Maggi

Conti’s - Comfort food at its best, Conti’s is a great place to order for all-time faves. You can even have cakes and pre-cooked meals delivered as well. So you won’t have to think of what to cook next. 

Photo from Conti’s


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All food options are available either via Grab Food, Lala Food, and Food Panda. 

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