Are you seeking adventures that have out of the ordinary food trips on the side? Or just only looking for a variety of bizarre yet equally delicious food? 

The Philippines, along with its more than 7,000 islands, offers a wide range of exciting and delicious local dishes. But did you know that our country also has an exotic food selection? 

Well, if you haven’t tried any, let us take you on a food journey.


Photo courtesy of Kapampanganku.com

Betute Tugak

Kapampangans in the northern part of the country offers a fancy take on ricefield frogs – skinned, stuffed, and deep-fried. It is called betute (puffer fish) because of its puffed filled tugak (frog) belly. This exotic dish is best with vinegar, chili sauce, and/or Toyo Mansi. Take a deep breath and close your eyes as you open your mouth and take this “hopping” dish in your belly. Having second thoughts? They say, it just tastes like chicken.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Meal

Kamaru (Mole Cricket)

Still in the rice fields of Pampanga, to counter these little pests, Kapampangan farmers harvest these insects and find ways to cook them – crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Grilled and served in two ways, either deep-fried or adobo style. The latter is sautéed in garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar, similar to the popular Filipino Chicken and Pork Adobo.

Photo courtesy of Phil Life


Exotic to foreign travellers, Balut is a common street food in Manila and the rest of the Philippines. It is a hard-boiled, fertilized developing egg embryo of a duck that’s been incubated for 16-21 days. The egg yolk of Balut is pudding-like, while the white part of the egg has a rubber-like texture. Balut lovers prefer to eat this from the shell with salt and spicy coconut vinegar. 


Photo courtesy of Pepper.PH

Tuslob Buwa

In the Visayan region, Cebuanos bid for its creamy, delectable dish. Tuslob Buwa (dip into the bubble) is a combination of pig brain, pork liver, and/or intestines cooked in oil, onions, soy and/or fish sauce, and seasonings to taste. Best to eat at AZUL in Cebu City with puso (Hanging Rice) to dip, as its name suggests.


Photo courtesy of Geographical Magazine


Ah --- the king of fruits. Davaoenos, in the tail-end region of the country, boasts of the fruit that is popular for both its exotic smell and taste. Durian is most known for its nose-pinching aroma and mouth-watering creaminess. Today, you can enjoy Durian in a variety of ways such as ice cream, candies, cakes, pies, cookies, and even coffee.

Do you have the stomach to endure these out-of-the-normal-kitchen food/dishes? These are just some of the locally available exotic food, there still a lot out in the PH streets.

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