Misamis might be famous for its whitewater rafting adventures and any other water adventure for that matter. However, it is also filled with other must-visit destinations and delicacies you need to try.

That is why we made this list to help you easily eat your way when visiting this Northern Mindanao province.

1. Sikwate – Sikwate or the Filipino version of hot chocolate is one of the things you should experience. It is the closest thing you’ll have to drinking pure chocolate. Also, the Sikwate recipe might sound easy but the process is a bit more challenging, making use of a batirol, a wooden instrument rolled between the hands continuously until it produces froth.

Photo source: CNN

2. Puto Maya – Puto Maya is a kakanin made famous in places like Cebu and Misamis Oriental. It’s made out of glutinous rice, steamed with fresh ginger and sweetened milk. There are many variations Filipinos eat with. It can be eaten as it is, paired with fresh mangoes, spread in bread, or paired with a fresh hot steaming cup of Sikwate.

Photo source: Yummy PH

3. Halang Halang – Halang Halang, which literally translates to spicy-spicy, is first known as a Visayan dish. It’s a spicy chicken dish made with coconut milk and chilis. This dish is also quite known in Misamis Oriental as it is famous for its coconuts. Another version of Halang Halang, however, exists in Misamis Occidental where the broth is much clearer and can be either made with beef or chicken.

Photo source: The Maya Kitchen

4. Sasing Kinilaw – If you’re eager to try something more adventurous, then this version of Kinilaw might interest you. Sasing Kinilaw is a raw dish made out of sassing or peanut worm marinated with vinegar and seasonings. Don’t worry – the peanut worms are thoroughly washed and cleaned before soaking it in the liquid mixture.

Photo source: The Philippine Food Illustrated

5. Ngo Hiong – Ngo Hiong is an adaptation of the Chinese spring rolls or a variety of the lumpia. Its ingredients include vegetable and meat seasoned with 5 spices deep-fried to perfection. It’s a great appetizer to start with or even paired with rice. One of the most famous places you can visit to have Ngo Hiong is Shanghai Noodle House in Jimenez, Misamis Occidental.

Photo source: Wikipedia

Both Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental are two provinces in the Philippines that are best to visit when you want to go on an adventure with Mother Nature. They both have some of the most amazing natural destinations you can explore. From Whiteriver rafting to hiking, thrill-seekers and nature lovers will have plenty of things to visit. However, a trip wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of its local food and delicacies.

If you’re looking to visit the Misamis provinces, we hope that this list of ours will help you on your food journey. Also, why not stay in one of our many RedDoorz Hotels located in both places? You’ll find that most of them are located strategically for you to have an easier and better way to go around the city. We also offer the most comfortable and safest rooms at budget prices so you don’t have to break the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now!


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