Are you a foodie who happens to be in the Queen CIty of the South? Well you are in the right place because Cebuanos are ultimate food lovers and in every block in the city, there is always a new place to try. This makes Cebu City as one of the most desired food trip destinations in the Philippines but this city is huge and searching for cheap eats alone would be a hurdle so we will narrow this down for you.

Here are a few of the best cheap eats in Lapu-Lapu City that would not bite your budget!

Oriental Spice Gourmet, situated in Patalinghug Avenue, is like Asia in a tiny place. Eating here is like travelling to our neighboring country without hopping on a plane. The staff here is amazing and they have a menu worthy to be called as Asian Fusion!

Photo courtesy of What Mary Loves

MexiMama in Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City offers a variety of Mexican dishes! This place is a buffet extravaganza for just 299 pesos. The resto may be a bit small but their buffet promo is big yet budget friendly as they serve loads of dishes presented in a Mexican way.

Photo courtesy of Baktin Corporation

CookPub- Modern Korean Bistro and Bar near the International Airport is one of the best Korean restaurants in the city. They offer good varieties of Korean food at such affordable prices and their service is amazing! They also have Korean-Filipino fusion dishes perfect for that grumbling tummy.

Photo courtesy of  セブナビ咲楽

Giovanni’s Pizza in Ibaba-Gisi Ages Road is a great place to experience something Italian. This place is so simple but the pizzas are beyond your expectations because they are prepared by the owner-slash-chef himself. And yes, he is Italian. So if you want a quick trip to Italy on a tiny budget, then this place is the place to be!

Photo courtesy of UberEats

Uke Hub Café, just five minutes away from the airport, is an incredible place for foodie-slash-musicians. This place offers good food and good music together. They have great coffee, cakes and anything else nice and aside from this place is wallet-friendly, the place is super IG worthy you must pay this one a visit. They also sell ukulele, so if you are searching for one, this is your go-to place.

Photo courtesy of The Cebuano

There are still loads of cheap eats in the vicinity but these few are exceptional. So if you are now on the road to try these places and felt the need to stay in for a night or two, surely there is a RedDoorz property nearby waiting for you! Download RedDoorz app for our latest promotions on our #HygienePass Certified hotels perfect for that food trip of yours.

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