Food is a sure-fire way to immerse one’s self into the culture of the place they’re traveling to. You can already tell a lot just by trying out the local delicacies and local cuisines, and the Philippines isn’t any different. 

Filipinos love food. Every celebration is not complete without it. Wherever you go in the country, there’s a local cuisine you need to try your hands on - even at least once. For this list, we go way down south in the island of Mindanao - specifically, Davao City, the place known as the Durian Capital of the Philippines. 

Davao City, though, just like any big metro in the country is a melting pot of cultures and it shows in the food that you can find while visiting there. From western to eastern delicacies, you’ll certainly find something you’re craving for. But if you’re looking for something more authentic and local, these are some of the things you should try out for yourself. 

Photo from I Love Davao

Kalderobo - Everywhere in the country, there’s a version of adobo you’ll find. For Davao City, their version of this Filipino cuisine is made with super tender beef instead of pork. To try this rendition, head on to Rekado for this signature homemade dish. 

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Law-Uy - For vegans and vegetarians - and even for those who aren’t, Law-Uy is a simple yet tasty vegetable dish you should have while in Davao City. What makes it stand out among other vegetable dishes in the country is its sticky almost slimy consistency because of the vegetables used in it, such as Okra, Taro, Jute leaves (Saluyot) and Loofah (Patola). 

Photo from Ang Sarap

Imbaw - The island of Mindanao is known for the freshest seafood you can have in the country. In Davao City, you’ll find plenty of seafood dishes that will certainly whet your appetite including the Imbaw or Tinolang Halaan. This well-known clam soup may be simple but it surely has some clean and refreshing taste. 

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Sinuglaw - Sinuglaw is a combination of 2 things: Sinugba which means grilled and Kinilaw which is the Filipino version of Ceviche. This dish is simply a combination of 2 scrumptious meals: fresh tuna and grilled pork that’s marinated in vinegar, chilies, onions, ginger, and lemon or lime. 

Photo from Pinoy Recipe

Sinigang na Malasugi - Just like Adobo, Sinigang is another popular Filipino dish that has plenty of versions you can try while traveling the country. Sinigang na Malasugi or Swordfish is one you should try while in Davao City. 

Photo from Adventuring Foodie

Durian - Davao wouldn’t be known as the Durian Capital of the country without any reason. The “King of Fruits” is truly the fruit you should try out while you’re in the city. The fruit may look and smell intimidating at first, but once you’ve tried it out, it will certainly blow your mind away as to how sweet and tasty it is. From pastries to shakes and even dishes, there are all sorts of cuisines and delicacies made with Durian that are best to try while in Davao City. 

Davao City is packed with restaurants, shops, and even street markets that will certainly satiate whatever cravings you have. What’s great is that no matter what your budget is, there’s undoubtedly a place you can go and have an authentic taste. 

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