More than just a tourist destination because of its beaches and historical attractions, Cebu is also known for food lovers across the world. Ever seen Anthony Bourdain’s trip to the Queen City of the South? If yes, then you know what’s in store for you. But if not, then let this list be your guide. We may not be a world-renown chef, but we sure love our Cebuano food. 

Lechon de Cebu - There are plenty of versions of the famous Lechon tourist can get their hands on when visiting the Philippines. Lechon de Cebu is one of them. Cebuanos are proud of their crunchy golden-red skin, tender, juicy, and flavorsome meat. One of the famous restaurants you can get a roasted pig is at Rico’s Lechon. 

Photo from Philippine Star

Sutuikil - Sutukil is a concept that basically combines 3 different ways of cooking: Su from Sugba (grill), Tu from Tula (stew), and Kil from Kinilaw (to cook in vinegar). This concept has become quite popular amongst tourists for it gives them a quick taste of the many styles of Cebu cooking. Enjoy this dining experience at places such as STK ta Bay and Isla Sugbu.

Photo from The Food Scout

Nilarang - This mildly sour soup dish is usually cooked fish. However, Cebu’s famous version uses Bakasi or Moray Eel. This dish became so popular due to it getting featured in the Netflix Series Street Food Asia. Best place to try this at Entoy’s Bakasihan in Cordova. 

Photo from ABS CBN News

Puso Rice - Basically Puso Rice is rice boiled and wrapped in coconut leaves. The coconut leaves leave a certain flavor to the rice that makes it more flavorful. You’ll see this version of rice served in almost all places around Cebu. 

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Ngohiong - Ngohiong is Cebu’s version of spring rolls. It’s deep-fried and mainly made of Ubod or bamboo shoots and ground pork. What’s great is that you order these 24 hours in Ngohiong Express. 

Photo from Peanut Browas

Mango Pizza - If you think pineapples are weird to have in pizza, then this one might be a miss for you as well. But some people seem to like this odd combination. It’s sour and spicy, but also sweet in taste. Be adventurous and sample The Pitstop Restaurant’s Mango Pizza. 

Photo from Sun Star Weekend

Puto Maya & Sikwate - This staple snack in Cebu is made with glutinous rice mixed with ginger and coconut. It’s usually paired with tablea sauce and the famous Cebu mango. Tablea Chocolate Cafe serves the sweet and savory Puto Maya that’s so filling. 

Photo from Kawaling Pinoy

Cebu is packed with restaurants, shops, and even weekend markets that will certainly satiate whatever cravings you have. What’s great is that no matter what your budget is, there’s undoubtedly a place you can go and have a taste of Cebuano dishes. 

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