Creamy coconut and filled with spicy labuyo dishes are exactly the signature of Bicolano dishes. These distinct flavors, though celebrated everywhere in the country - and probably around the world as well, are undefeated once you’ve tasted them in the place where it was inspired. 

We’ve mentioned in our previous blog some of the most famous Bicolano dishes that you should try out. Here, however, we’ve listed some restaurants that you should check out for when you want to taste authentic Bicolano dishes when you’re in the province. 

Geewan (Naga City, Camarines Sur) - A lot of people would immediately tell you that Geewan is the best place if you want to taste authentic Bicolano dishes in Naga City. Geewan is a fast-food restaurant or locally called a “turo-turo” that serves Bicolano dishes every local would recommend for you to try at very reasonable prices. 

Photo from Geewan

Red Labuyo (Daraga, Albay) - Ever thought of dining with a view of the beautiful Mount Mayon? Then Red Labuyo will surely make your dreams come true. Located right beside the Daraga Church in Albay, Red Labuyo is a quaint little restaurant that serves some delicious local cuisines with a breathtaking view. 

Photo from TripAdvisory

Cafe Peloton - Vegetarians and vegans alike will certainly need to visit this cafe in Legazpi. Cafe Peloton offers healthier versions of Bicolano favorites and more. So now you can get a taste of the famous Bicol Express and sisig without feeling guilty. 

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Waway’s Restaurant (Legazpi, Albay) - Serving locals for more than 50 years now, you can’t go wrong with Waway’s for authentic Bicolano dishes. Plus, what’s great about them is that they serve it at an “Eat All You Can” Buffet style at a very affordable price. 

Photo from Lakad Pilipinas

Naga Garden Restaurant (Naga City, Camarines Sur) - Naga Garden Restaurant has had a following for years now. Thanks to the popular toasted siopao, this restaurant has become a must-visit in Naga City if not for the toasted delight but for its other dishes on the menu. 

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Let’s Pinangat (Camalig, Albay) - Let’s Pinangat in Camalig City may look unassuming from the outside. But once you’ve ordered and tasted their Pinangat, you’ll certainly be back for more. It is known to serve the best one in town and also the most affordable. 

Photo from Foursquare

The region of Bicol offers several other restaurants that serve authentic Bicolano cuisines. These 6 are just some of our favorites that we want to share. So, what are you waiting for, go on a food adventure and visit these restaurants in Bicol soon! 

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