Filipino food has been emerging in the international scene slowly but surely. With the rise of the online imprints of many of our fellow Filipinos, more and more tourists are getting interested in anything Filipino especially when it comes to food. So, what are the Pinoy dishes that are famous amongst international tourists?

Adobo – Pretty much everyone considers Adobo as the Philippine’s National Food. Every province you go in the country, there is a version of this Filipino cuisine that’s unique to their land, but still maintaining the essence of what Adobo is. This simple but tasty meal is usually paired with rice, however, most visitors would have it as it is – which isn’t bad at all.

Photo source: Salu-Salo

Sisig – Tourists are often surprised when they find out how delicious Sisig is despite the ingredients included in it (pig ears, cheeks, etc.). Also, plenty of visitors nowadays – especially the first-timers are down and excited to try it. This is because it is Anthony Bourdain certified.

Photo source: FoxyFolkys

Bicol Express – The province of Bicol is fast becoming a tourist hotspot. Consequently, their famous Bicol Express also is becoming quite a crowd favorite. This Filipino cuisine is rich in flavor, made out of onions, garlic, chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste, and pork.

Photo source: NutriAsia

Cebu Lechon – Lechon or spit-roasted pig may have originated in Spain, but the Philippines adapted it and made it it’s own. Just like Adobo, there are plenty of variations you will find once you travel the country such as the Cebu Lechon – which is also another Filipino dish that’s certified by Mr. Bourdain himself.

Traditionally, it is served whole at celebrations and festive events such as Christmas, weddings, and even town fiestas.

Photo source: Yummy PH

Inasal – One of the things that attributed to the popularity of Inasal (or Chicken Inasal) amongst tourists is due to the various restaurant chains that offer it in their menu, making it that much available to have. A dish that’s akin to roasted chicken, Inasal’s taste is however quite different – in a good way, of course!

Photo source: Maggi PH

Kakanin – You can look at Kakanin (or sticky rice) either as a Filipino snack or a Filipino dessert. It just depends on what time of the day you might be eating it. The many versions and types of Kakanin our country offers are what makes this so popular not just amongst the visitors but also for locals as well. Some of the most famous ones are Bibingka, Kutsinta, Sapin-Sapin, Biko, and Palitaw.

Photo source: Yummy PH

Halo Halo – This list wouldn’t be completed without this Filipino dessert. Literally translates as mix-mix, it is indeed quite a mixture of several things – fruits, condensed milk, fruits, ube, leche flan, and more. It has become quite popular even outside the country as places like Jollibee offer them all around the world.

Photo source: Braun Household

Even as Filipino food is now starting to emerge all across the world, there’s still nothing like eating food in the place where it originated. That said, we hope this list will inspire you to travel back and around the Philippines, and get an authentic taste of our many cuisines, snacks, and more.

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