Food has always been one of the great ways for you to get to know a country and its culture. A lot can be told through a dish - from one’s story to a place’s history, a dish can hold so much information and importance. That’s why we recommend eating local delicacies and cuisines whenever you’re traveling. 

The Philippines isn’t different from the many places in the world that hold so much importance on their local dishes. Being made up of more than 7700 islands and influenced by so much culture from across the world, you can already tell how many dishes and tastes you could get by just visiting a few of the provinces. 

So if you’re someone who is new to the country and wants to get a summary of what you should try out for the limited time that you’re here, check out our list! 

ADOBO - Adobo has been making waves in the international culinary world but nothing beats trying it out where it originated. The best thing about having it in the country is that you get to try the many variations such as Adobong Puti and Ginataang Adobo. 

Photo from BBC Good Food

SINIGANG - Just like Adobo, there are many variations of Sinigang depending on which region you’re currently visiting. It’s a sour soup made with either pork, fish, or beef. One of the best versions you should try out is the one made with watermelon. 

Photo from Knorr

SISIG - Looking for something more exotic to try? Then sisig is the way to go. Made with pig's face and belly, and chicken liver, it’s the perfect “pulutan” or bar chow with an ice-cold bottle of beer. 

Photo from Lady’s Choice

LECHON - Anthony Bourdain certified, the Lechon is certainly a dish every Filipino is proud of and something you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting. 

Photo from Travel Trilogy

KINILAW - Akin to Ceviche, Kinilaw is a raw seafood dish and preparation method native to the Philippines. 

Photo from NutriAsia

INASAL - Marinated in ginger, lemongrass, and calamansi juice, the chicken is roasted over a fire and basted with annatto oil. Served usually with rice, soy sauce dip, and sometimes liquid chicken fat - something you should also try, the Chicken Inasal is something you should order when in the Visayan islands. 

Photo from Maggi

SUMAN - Made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, often wrapped in banana leaves, coconut leaves, or buli or buri palm leaves for steaming, Suman is one of the native delicacies one would find many varieties in the many different islands of the country. 

Photo from Ang Sarap

PUTO - There are many types of Puto you’ll find in the country not all of them are made with rice. However, the most popular ones are traditionally made from slightly fermented rice dough. 

Photo by Recipes by Lucille

BIBINGKA - Mostly popular during the Christmas season, Bibingka is another traditionally baked rice cake, cooked in a terracotta oven lined with banana leaves. You’ll likely find them being sold in little stalls outside churches in the early hours of the morning. 

Photo from NYT Cooking

TURON - Sweet tooths will certainly fall in love with Turon. This popular street food and snack are mostly made with bananas wrapped in spring roll paper though depending on where you bought them, they could be paired with jackfruit, sweet potato, mango, coconut, and cheddar cheese. Deep-fried and dusted or caramelized with brown sugar. Restaurants often pair it off with vanilla ice cream. 

Photo from Wikipedia

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