Pancit is one of the Pinoy dishes that was introduced to us by the Chinese over centuries ago when they first landed on our shores. As time went on, this dish was fully adopted into the local cuisine and made them our own.

Derived from the Chinese term which translates to “convenient food”, the many types of Filipino Pancit can certainly attest to how easily it can be prepared and cooked. If you’re wondering about the many variations of the Filipino Pancit, then this guide will surely interest you.

 We’ve listed down 8 of the most famous Pinoy Pancit you should try out.

Pancit Guisado – Also known as Pancit Bihon Guisado, this rice vermicelli dish is one of those Pinoy dishes that is frequently prepared in any Filipino household. The recipe for Pancit Guisado is very simple to make. Shrimp, chicken, or pork can usually be used for protein, stir-fried with mixed vegetables, and combined with an adobo-like sauce.

Photo source: Eat Like Pinoy

Pancit Canton – Alike the Chinese version which is the Lo Mein or Chow Mein, this Filipino adaptation is usually made with rice noodles. You can find an instant noodle version of this aside from the original stir-fry one.

Photo source: Yummy PH

Pancit Palabok – The similarities of eating Palabok and Spaghetti are very alike: You have to mix the sauce on top of the noodles before you get to eat it. Unlike Spaghetti, however, the Palabok sauce is made out of shrimp sauce and topped with several ingredients including hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, chicharron (deep-fried pork belly rinds), and pork.

Photo source: Kawaling Pinoy

Pancit Luglug – The name “luglug” refers to the method of how the noodles are cooked – dipped several times in boiling water until it's cooked. Pancit Luglug is often described as the Kampampangan version of the Palabok.

Photo source: Kawaling Pinoy

Pancit Lomi – This hearty soupy noodle dish originated in the province of Batangas. Made with thick and chewy egg noodles and a variety of vegetables and meat cuts, this Filipino dish is a favorite menu in a lot of local eateries.

Photo source: Panlasang Pinoy

Pancit Mami – You can say that this is the Filipino version of chicken noodle soup. It gives the same warmth and comfort as your western version.

Photo source: Knorr

Pancit Habhab – Pancit Habhab is one of the popular stir-fry noodles that originated in the Province of Lucban, Quezon. It is similar to the ingredients found in a Guisado but uses a different kind of noodle called Miki noodles.  

Photo source: Lutong Bahay Recipe

 Pancit Malabon – From the name itself, this stir-fry noodle dish originated in the city of Malabon in Metro Manila. Its famous yellow-orange color can be credited to achuete (annatto seeds), shrimp broth, and flavor seasoned with fish sauce. Its toppings can vary from hard-boiled eggs, pork, shrimp, milkfish, and more.

Pancit Malabon. - Picture of Bistro Pamana, Makati - Tripadvisor

Photo source: TripAdvisor

There’s nothing like getting to know a brand new place, then eating your way through its many authentic local cuisines. Pancit is certainly among the many Pinoy dishes you should get your hands on as soon as you visit the country. Furthermore, a version of the Pancit can be found pretty much anywhere you go in the Philippines.

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