Going on a food trip? Philippine culture, served on a platter? Be prepared though, dishes are not the usual household food you grew up with. It is a must to check the wide array of the authentic menu before gearing up to the Culinary Capital of the Philippines – Pampanga. 

Food creates another world dimension on a journey. If you’re looking for heritage-rich and most of all mouth-watering foods, here are some of the “must-try” Kapampangan cuisines. 

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Murcon (Morcon) - Decorative presentation in food during fiestas and holidays? Easy, but wait there’s more. Kapampangan morcon uses ground pork and beef mixed with chorizo, onions, eggs, cheese, and raisins – wrapped and steamed until cooked. Appears like the regular embutido but wait until you taste this Kapampangan dynamite.

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Tagilo (Burong Kapampangan) - A native dish not for fainthearted, the smell can break someone’s appetite, but once you overcome its appearance and smell, you’ll realize the taste of authenticity. It is made of mudfish and rice, sometimes shrimp – fermented and cooked. Your curiosity will keep you craving for more.    

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Sisig - Indulge yourself in an original Kapampangan dish made mostly out of pig’s head and liver - boiled, grilled, fried, and served on a hot sizzling plate. Luciana Cunanan (aka Aling Lucing) who hails from Angeles City was the one who created and mastered the dish thus dubbed as the “Queen of Sisig” and the rest is history.

Photo courtesy of Ang Sarap

Bringhe (Arroz Valenciana) - Kapampangan bids its version of Spain’s Paella. It is a rice (either pure glutinous or mixed equally with regular rice) dish with a rich and enhanced taste using native chicken, turmeric, coconut milk and other spices topped with boiled eggs and vegetables – carrots, peas, and bell peppers. A Kapampangan fiesta or holiday is incomplete without this dish.

These are just some of Pampanga’s best and authentic dishes. Let’s explore and taste more!

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