The City of Smiles has a lot of in-store for visitors and locals alike. One of the many must-to-do when in Bacolod City is to go on a food adventure.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops across the city that you can visit to get a taste of what Bacolod has to offer. From the high-end to the neighborhood eatery, local delicacies to international grubs, you won’t run out of places to eat.

In this guide, we list five of the best restaurants in Bacolod that you shouldn’t miss out on. This is no particular order.

Rau Ram Café – Formerly known as Saigon Café, Rau Ram Café is one of the most popular restaurants in Bacolod City that started as a small eatery. Now, a full-blown restaurant, Rau Ram Café serves authentic Vietnamese and Asian Fusion Cuisines.

Photo source: Bacolod Lifestyle & Travel Guide

Bob’s Bacolod – Bob’s Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants found in Bacolod City. It is considered one of the pioneering places in the restaurant scene in the city, serving a variety of dishes including Filipino, American, and even Mongolian cuisines. They now have 4 branches within the city, and continue expanding and developing even as the times change.

Photo source: Sigrid Says

Aboy’s Restaurant – Whether Aboy’s is one of the best seafood places in Bacolod is still up for debate. However, given that this restaurant has been part of the restaurant scene in the city for years now, you can bet that Aboy’s is one of the best in the city. It is considered as a dampa-style restaurant or a place where you can choose the raw ingredients and have it made according to your preference.

Photo source: Wikimapia.org

Manokan Country – If Bacolod is known for anything other than the Masskara Festival, then it’s their Chicken Inasal. And to get the best and most authentic one in the city where it’s famous for, then look no further than Manokan Country. This is certainly one of the best restaurants in Bacolod if you’re looking to get the most authentic local food.

Photo source: Wazzup Pilipinas

Apollo Restaurant – Anywhere you go around the world, you’ll find a Chinese restaurant that is loved by both locals and tourists alike. In Bacolod City, that place is the Apollo Restaurant. What started as a small family business more than 20 years ago is now an established restaurant in the city with 6 other branches.

Photo source: Apollo Restaurant

Bacolod City has plenty to offer for the food adventurers out there. Going on a food trip in this particular city is a great way to know and deepen your understanding and knowledge of Bacolod’s heritage, history, and culture.

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