How does one person increase his/her productivity while at home during the lockdown? Incorporate new hobbies on your daily routine to keep your mind off from what’s happening outside your homes even just for a short period of time. 

Consider these learning activities to be your projects and acquire a new skill after the quarantine!

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**Learn to play an instrument*

*Worried about the lack of instrument in your house but you really wanted to learn how to play the guitar or a piano? Check out music-related applications online and give it a try! Online pianos and guitars might not feel the same but we can learn the basics for now. So make sure that after the lockdown, promise yourself to borrow or buy one!

**Learn to hone your artistic skills. *

*Have you always wanted to focus on painting, calligraphy, sketching, singing, dancing, etc.? Why don’t you allow yourself to be immersed with your drawings, paint brushes, sketch pads, music sheets, and dance beats and just let your creativity flow? Challenge yourself to finish a canvass or a choreography before the home quarantine ends!

**Learn a new language*

*Binge-watching Korean dramas or Spanish-spoken TV series and got inspired to learn their language? There are online language courses available on the Internet if you’re so eager about understanding their cultures through language. Practice each phrase with your friends until you finally become fluent Korean or Spanish language speakers.

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**Learn board or video games with the family*

*Bond with the whole family through some board games that you haven’t had the chance to play since you’re always at work or in school! Learn how to play chess or to survive horror video games this ECQ. Enjoy this time with your loved ones because who knows when everything gets back to normal, you’ll most likely miss your bonding moments.

**Learn to edit photos using your mobile phone. *

*Look back on your previous travels and post a beautiful throwback picture on your social media sites! There are a lot of photo editing applications out there that can pop some color to your feed. And since you can’t go outside right now, take this time to remember happy memories during your travels the past months. 

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