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RedDoorz ensures that our guests will be able to travel safely after the quarantine by rolling [code: PHTH50AYSQAASYAA - view details here:  https://bit.ly/PHTRHuntout initiatives that are focused on monitoring the hygiene and sanitation standards of every hotel nationwide. 

That’s why we’ve launched the HygienePass certification programme - a project that aims to standardize the implementation of various good hygiene practices to assure guests that they will be staying in safe spaces at an affordable price once they resume traveling. This is currently being rolled out in our properties nationwide.


We have implemented safety precautions such as providing alcohol-based sanitizer stations, wearing face masks for staff, and implementing social distancing whenever guests check-in. 


Here’s a quick look at how it’s being done in one of properties, RedDoorz @ EDSA Pasay: 



If you’re ready to travel soon, our hotels are ready to give only the best quality service that you truly deserve. 


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