The following story is based on true events: events that no traveler wants to revisit.

It's vacation time. You've saved up your leaves for this. You love to experience new things, travel to places unknown, but you're on a budget. You decide to hedge your bet on a budget hotel, which judging from the booking website, looks pretty good. The events that unfold, however, has had you rethinking every decision you made leading up to this point.


You get to the place and something doesn't feel right. A minor premonition of the horror that awaits. You turn on the light and bam— que horror. The paint's peeling off, there's that mysterious huge stain on the wall—my gosh, the stain.


From the initial shock, you stay positive—it's all in your head. The first place you go to is the bathroom—a necessity—one that can accept no substitute.

The lack of the bidet is fine, but your mind is focusing on the ageing, yellow tiles and the overwhelming smell of bleach... Like they were hiding something. It's old, but it's sterile—maybe a little too sterile. You turn on the shower, and after a few knocks and howling shrieks from the pipes you get absolutely freezing water. This is not gonna do it.


Restless and defeated

You walk back to the room and just try to sleep it off. The images can't get to you if you're under the sheets. You toss, you turn, but you're just too uncomfortable. You're certainly no princess complaining about a pea—more like an optimist losing will as he/she gets  poked by a rogue bed spring.


Having not a wink of sleep: tired, flustered and defeated, you decide you need retribution in the most middle class way—write a review. But as soon as you're about to hit send on your heartfelt passive-aggressive plea for help, your phone prompts you: "connected, but no Internet connection." Dread fills your defeated heart. This is gonna be the longest night ever.


A better experience elsewhere

When heading to a place you're unfamiliar with, it's a challenge to find decent, budget hotel accommodations. Luckily, RedDoorz ensures guests consistent quality rooms and accommodations across all its properties both here in the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia. We guarantee guests comfortable beds with: clean, fresh linen; spotless washrooms; free toiletries; crystal clear cable TV; fast, reliable Wi-Fi; and even mineral water.


For more information on RedDoorz properties and its service guarantee, visit www.reddoorz.com or download the app via App Store and the Play Store. And for updates, promos and contests follow RedDoorz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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