Celebrations, nightcaps, and even the low points of our lives are best accompanied by a drink. Never mind if you’re cheering for your successes, heartaches, and small wins, booze can either lift your spirit or drown you in misery.  

Every country has mastered to have a signature drink. As for the Philippines, we have come up with liquors and spirits that are made from native ingredients that speak more of our cultural identity. 

So if you want to level up your e-drinking session with your friends or by yourself, here are the most popular locally-made Filipino drinks:

  1. Lambanog

  • Lambanog is a coconut-based alcoholic beverage that originated from the Quezon Province where coconut farms and plantations are abundant. Fermenting and distilling the unopened coconut flower mixed with raisins produced a sweet, crisp, and clean taste for Lambanog. Although coconut is the OG ingredient, some parts of the Philippines and local producers have also experimented with other fruits like Langka. This means, there is now a wide variety of this drink to choose from when you need a strong liquor to soothe your mood. 

Photo Courtesy of Drink Manila

  1. Tuba

  • Tuba is almost similar to Lambanog but except for its color. It is usually made from coconut sap and the Mangrove bark that is finely grounded mixed in the wine, creating what we now see as the red color. It also acts as a preserving agent to make Tuba lasts for a long period. Good and well-aged Tuba, according to some, tastes so much better than when it is still fresh from fermentation. This drink came from the Visayas. 

Photo Courtesy of TriptheIslands.com

  1. Basi

  • From the Northern region, Basi is a locally-produced alcoholic drink made from sugarcanes. Basi is fermented in a special earthen jar called the Burnay. There are also two kinds of Basi, one is Basing Lalaki which is a stronger one and the Basing Babae which is the sweet version. This local liquor will often be seen sold in public markets and roadside stands so you know that this will be an easy find.


Photo Courtesy of Basi Del Diablo

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