Self-sufficient can mean a lot of things. Depending on the person and his/her circumstances, it could mean something different from what you know and what they believe. That is why there are plenty of ways you can start a self-sustaining life. 

First, what does it mean to be self-sufficient? 

By definition, self-sufficiency means being able to provide what is necessary without the help of others; or, having extreme confidence in one's own ability or worth. 

With that said, self-sufficiency can look differently for everyone. It is a broad lifestyle and yet be a common ground for a lot of people. 

But what does self-sufficiency have to do about loving yourself? 

Simple, really. 

Loving yourself means being content with who you are, and you don’t need anyone to confirm this. It is more than just self-esteem. It is more deeply-rooted and wholly. 

Being self-sufficient can be quite scary a thing, but it's certainly worth it. It can change you into a strong, independent person who doesn't need to be validated by others. Although there’s nothing wrong with asking for help, it's important to try not to be solely dependent on others. 

The road to self-sufficiency may be long and challenging especially if you’ve been dependent on other people for so long. Nevertheless, it is a necessary journey one should take - not just for self-love but also, for growth. 

On this list, we’ve included a couple of self-sufficient lifestyles that you can easily start with to begin your journey of loving yourself more. 


  1. Be kind to yourself - We’ve all heard the famous Cinderella line, “Have courage and be kind”, and though the quote can be interpreted in many ways, it is the perfect way to start being more self-sufficient. 

    It is indeed hard to be kind - especially of ourselves. It takes a great amount of courage to forgive all our past transgressions and completely accept who we are. Learning to be kind to ourselves means accepting everything about who we are as a person. 

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  1. Embrace yourself - As you start being kinder to yourself, you start to completely embrace all the things that make you who you are. This includes all of your strengths and weaknesses and making them work for you.

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  2. Learn to be more comfortable being by yourself - Being dependent on other people can be a difficult habit to break. However, learning to be independent can give you so much more. Because then, you don’t need to search for happiness and worth from others. 

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  1. Stop asking for permission - Don’t give so much power to others when you clearly have it within yourself to make good and sound decisions. Being emotionally Self-sufficient means you know how to make the right decisions and are not afraid to make them.

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  2. Be thankful always - Practicing gratefulness and counting your blessings is a great self-sufficient lifestyle to practice regularly. Because it reminds us that no matter how little these things may be, it is still worth a lot. And through this, you’ll love yourself more and easily. 

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  1. Give back - Giving back to others is an act of love from which you’ll certainly find more love within yourself. Happiness can come from simply being kind and compassionate to others and as more love is given, your heart will become fuller and happier in return.

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Self-sufficiency is a beautiful habit that everyone should try to achieve and follow. It allows you to embrace and love yourself completely. Though having relationships in your life is a factor that is much-needed, being completely dependent on them is not. 

You’ll find that you’ll be much happier and fulfilled once you’ve attained self-sufficiency. And that loving yourself first isn’t a wrong thing to do, rather, it can help you love others that much better.

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