Travel Insurance has always been important even before the pandemic hit. But more so now than ever. 

With too much uncertainty this pandemic has given everyone, it isn’t surprising that insurance has become quite an important topic to talk about or an important thing to get. 

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Having insurance offers protection against the unexpected. Just like getting car insurance to protect you if you get into a car accident or health insurance to cover your medical bills if you get sick, travel insurance is a way to minimize your financial risk when traveling.

Before, most travelers would overlook or completely dismiss the idea of getting travel insurance. But it’s just as important as other types of insurance. Travel insurance policies can protect you when you experience flight delays or cancellations, medical emergencies, or even lost or stolen luggage. It offers you an assurance to give you peace of mind to enjoy your trip. 

Nowadays, it is much more crucial to get during these uncertain times. With news coming out every day of unexpected lockdowns, borders shutting down, flight cancellations, and more, you can never be sure what to expect. While you have no control over these things, you can at least have some control over your own circumstance when you purchase travel insurance.

There are several specific types of categories that are included in Travel insurance. 

  • Cancellation Insurance

  • Evacuation Insurance

  • Luggage and Personal Items Loss

  • Medical Insurance

  • Life Insurance

If you’re wondering if hotels and accommodations can be covered by Travel insurance, then the answer would be yes, and it falls under Cancellation Insurance. Generally, this type of travel insurance covers non-refundable, pre-paid travel expenses like airline tickets, cruises, tours, hotels, and vacation rentals.

Did you know that you can avail of RedDoorz Travel Insurance when you book a stay at any of the properties? You have the option to either get one or not during your stay. 

This policy covers everything from personal accident to cancellation of trip. It is recommended to go through the details including its exclusions, terms, and conditions, and claim submissions once you book with any of the RedDoor Philippines properties. 

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