Covid-19 may have paused 2020, but it doesn’t mean that you should lose hope when it comes to your travel plans. We’ve seen how slowly this year the world continued to fight against it and slowly come out victorious - if the vaccination program isn’t proof of that. 

With that said, your future travels are slowly becoming more and more within your reach as the days go by. 

As Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing online hotel management and booking platform, RedDoorz should be your go-to for your future stays especially this time. Here’s Why! 

Lowered Deals - With RedDoorz’s Best Price Guarantee, travelers are assured that they are provided a quality stay at the lowest rate possible starting from 499 PHP per night. It also gives travelers a much easier way of booking a stay all at the touch of your fingers. 

Service Guarantee - With the HygienePass Certification Program, guests are assured of their health and safety because of: 

  • Frequent physical hygiene and robust sanitation in all areas of the property assessed by an independent public health expert. 

  • Regular monitoring of present staff’s health to serve guests safely and provide worry-free stays.

  • Implementation of all health and safety measures within the premise at all times. 

  • Follows accreditation processes from DOT, and are constantly being inspected by the DOH and BOQ. 

Strategical Locations - Whether you need a safe and affordable place to stay for quarantine, essential, or leisure purposes, RedDoorz can be found across the Philippines. With over 200+ hotels in 20+ key tourist destinations within the country and locations near the metropolitan area, you’ll be able to find and book worry-free stays for your convenience. 

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Booking Made Easier and Better - The RedDoorz App is easily accessible and provides exclusivity through loyalty programs and rewards for safe bookings. 

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For whatever future travels you have planned soon, RedDoorz paves the new way for Filipinos to have safe and quality hotel experiences and risk-free travels around the country with the best affordable offers in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay with us now! 

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