They say that any travel becomes worthwhile, because of the people you are with at that moment. 

Trips with your close barkada are always the best. Undoubtedly, in any group of friends, you have different personalities from one another, but these don’t mean you won’t click. These traits only give life and meaning to your friendship.

During travels, these characters usually show. So what type of friend are you in your barkada during your travels?

  1. The careful planner

Someone who takes charge of planning the whole trip - from looking for flights to booking your accommodation to listing down an itinerary, to checking tour packages - she is that person. She is someone who can’t go on a trip without the details, someone who continually monitors if plans are going your way. But she can also be fun and make room for any adjustments. Because as a careful planner that she is, she also thinks of having the best days ahead. 

  1. The food lover, sometimes, chef.

He is not necessarily someone who loves to eat but is someone who appreciates food and feels the need to share his love for cooking with everyone. Even if it is just a simple hot dog, sinangag, and scrambled egg breakfast, in-between snacks, and frequently the order taken in a restaurant. He is someone you all know you can rely on when you face difficult choices like what food to eat. 

  1. The alarm clock

He/she is that friend who wakes everyone up because it’s either high time for free breakfast, time to leave for tours, time to have adventures, and time to go home. Just like the careful planner, he/she wants to spend everyone’s time right. In short, he/she is someone who, even if not on a trip, values time. 

  1. The official photographer

Minsan, siya lang talaga ‘yung naabutan ng camera or smartphone para magselfie, kumuha ng solo shots ng friends, at mag-capture ng view. He has an eye for right angles and exceptional perspectives. He can either be a professional photographer by now or just someone whose hobby comes with his passion for photography. He is the one whose photos taken by friends are either blurred, not his proper angle, or against the light. But he won’t mind, and he’ll just brush it off with a laugh. What’s essential for him is to capture the best memories of all of his barkada. 

  1. The taga “tara, travel?”

Ang taga send ng seat sale, discount promos ng hotels (baka madalas siya sa RedDoorz), taga sabi ng kailan kayo ulit mag travel? Ito ang enabler ng halos lahat ng travels ng barkada. Without him or her, your trips to Bohol, Cebu, Davao, Baler, La Union and other places won’t push through without his/her idea. Can be a borderline planner but prefers to be just somebody on the sideline if ever you need to check on something else. He/she paints the traveling picture for the barkada and has tendencies to back out the last minute. Sometimes, you’ll get tired of his/her invitations because you know at some point he/she might not show up but are always thankful for him/her because your travel moments now are because of them. 

  1. The couple

The barkada’s 2-in-1 - a package. Two persons for whom the group will assume to have his/her girlfriend tag along with the whole barkada. Their love may have developed while being friends and during one of your travel escapes. Who knows? Basta, they are the ones who are always together, cheesy, take cute pictures, give each other a peck on the lips. And you guys are the third wheels. But you won’t mind. For you, they’ve always been part of the pack. 

Have we forgotten someone here? We miss traveling with you, and you miss going out with a bunch of people whom you have shared a good laugh, a nice meal, and a fun-tastic getaway.

In the meantime, let’s reminisce on our great travel memories from previous years and fill our hearts with the hope that one day we could all be together and go to many places again. 

Travel, soon with RedDoorz!

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