Netflix’s Squid Game has become the talk of the town ever since it was made available on Netflix last September, and the buzz continues on up to today. If you haven’t watched this dystopian take of a social allegory yet, then you’re certainly missing out on a lot. 

From the green or pink tracksuits, delicious Dalgona cookies, and that creepy giant doll, we’re guessing by now that you’re online feed is filled with anything that’s related to Squid Game. But what really makes Squid Game such an interesting TV show that everyone is pretty much into it? 

Here, we’ll let you in on why we love it so much! Warning, spoilers alert! 

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Stunning set designs and attractive cinematography. 

On a surface level, Squid Game is a pleasure to watch because of its stunning settings and amazing cinematography. But don’t let the bright and colorful set design fool you for they show quite an opposite feeling once you realize how oppressive they are. Nonetheless, we can already see hundreds of events using this as inspiration or theme. The characters’ costume designs are also quite memorable and certainly will be quite popular for this year’s Halloween parties. 

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A superstar cameo. 

Highly revered Korean actor and everyone’s favorite leading man, Gong Yoo makes a cameo not only once but twice during the 9-episode Korean drama series. Though his character is still a bit of mystery for everyone who has seen it, his surprise appearance makes quite a splash. Who doesn’t want to see him even for just a few minutes? Not only that, it’s good to see him in a different role and still nail it. 

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Characters you can’t help but feel attached to. 

One of the greatest things about watching a series or a movie, or just by reading a story is how one can feel related to a certain character. Squid Game isn’t anything different. As soon as you’ve delved yourself into the many different lives of the main characters, you realize how much you can resonate with them in more ways than one, and their -ahem- deaths will certainly affect you no doubt about it. Or you know, how much you’re annoyed by some of them. 

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Behind the stunning visual is a deep plot rooted even in modern times. 

Again - don’t let the stunning visuals and stylized shots fool you. Behind every bright, colorful set and cool camera angle are a reminder of how much inequality is amongst us and how much desperation can lead a man to do things. Though the plot is inspired by the current state of South Korea, you can easily see that this too is prevalent all around the world. It reminds us of ill-capitalism, war, poverty, and other social issues that we’re all currently experiencing and witnessing - which all the more makes it a lot scarier if we’re being completely honest!

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