Creating that hotel-type of a home is easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be expensive as well. These simple tips from RedDoorz’s very own cleaning crew share some of the things you can do to finally get that haven you’ve always thought you can only achieve by booking a hotel. 

Now, if only you can get room service. 


One of the best things about staying in hotels is that you’re away from your usual setting. This includes home clutters you would have in your homes. Get rid of these unnecessary items in your bedroom and clear out some space in order to get that much-needed reset just like you would when you’re staying in a hotel. 

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We know how a fort of pillows can seem luxurious and even downright comfortable. However, there’s also keeping it simple and minimal that’s just equally relaxing.  

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One of the things that scream hotel bed is the tucked-in sheets. It’s also one of the easiest and simplest ways you can do to feel that you’re in a hotel. Taking that extra effort and care can also be that added touch you need to feel a little bit of luxury. 

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Hotel rooms usually have a space for work. Create that atmosphere by setting your favorite chair in an area that gets natural lighting or has great lighting for when you need time to work or just have a moment of peace. You can even set up a few plants if you want to. 

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Black-out curtains give the feeling of both luxury and privacy. Heavy curtains to insulate from weather, noise, and light are key to creating a hotel feel and an environment for the best sleep possible.

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