Why travel soon when you can travel safely now- thanks to our HygienePass Certified Hotels!

We have been indoors for ages since COVID-19 has taken its toll but one of our feet is already on the go for our next travel adventure. But how can we make our travel as safe as possible when the pandemic is not out of this world yet? Worry not because in RedDoorz we can make your safe travel happen with our HygienePass Certification Program!

What is the HygienePass Certification Program? 

HygienePass is a very special strategy that most of our hotels have proactively implemented to ensure all our travelers that our spaces are not only conducive for relaxation but are also safe and immaculately clean. RedDoorz is collaborating with a prominent public health expert  Dr. Renzo Guinto, M.D., DrPH to conduct training and provide guidance to hotels that apply a high standard of safety measure in its properties.

Why is it necessary?

As the era of new normal emerges, this HygienePass definitely helps us adapt easily to essential changes by adapting good personal habits and cleaning practices. This HygienePass is also a one way ticket to provide premises and spaces that safeguard the welfare of the public and their health. Above all, it implements new and relevant safe measures like temperature checking, health condition and travel history survey, wearing of face masks mandate for all hotel staff, and consistent property cleaning and disinfection schedule.

What do we get if we choose a HygienePass Certified lodging?

This HygienePass gives us the peace of mind when we are going to book places to stay when we travel in this crucial time. It is also a manifestation that hotels joined hand-in-hand to the world to combat COVID-19 by always ensuring that necessary safety protocols are adhered at all times.

How can we spot a HygienePass Certified Hotel?

Just download our Reddoorz app in either the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (android) now! Search the name of your prospect hotel and if you see a blue badge on its photo that says ‘Hygiene Pass’ then you are good to go! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

So, why wait soon when you can travel safely now! With our Hygiene Pass certified hotels, your safety is our top priority!


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