Nowadays it is more important to learn and understand the world of travel & tourism without the inputs of bloggers; what they say on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks matters. Thanks to the rapid development of technology and how fast the internet has become, this has now become more apparent with the help of a new breed of bloggers - vloggers. 

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Though the “old form” of blogging is still pretty much alive, vloggers have now taken the front seat in influencing many people when it comes to traveling. 

Today’s traveler looks for experiences through travel vlogs, which have become a source of inspiration for destination search and vacation planning especially since the pandemic happened.  

Given that many of us have spent the last year stuck indoors, you’ll find that plenty of people on your Instagram page and your favorite youtube blogs have been booking hiking and camping trips.

Another thing bloggers have influenced many of us during this time is the dramatic popularity of staycations. Instead of traveling abroad, more people have been visiting hotels and tourist attractions in their home country.

But even before all of this has happened, vloggers have already started “shaking things up” and inspired many through their videos such as being your not-so-typical tourist and instead, making an effort to experience the place through the eyes of a local. 

Photo from Unsplash

But if there’s one thing we felt like vloggers have a great influence on with their audiences is their ability to market and help small and local businesses just by experiencing them on their own and giving their honest opinions about it. Through this, they have helped countless businesses at the grassroots level and even helped them survive during these challenging times including us. 

RedDoorz Philippines

Here at RedDoorz Philippines, we believe in giving authentic experiences to every single guest that walks in our door. We believe that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket in order to get the best and most comfortable stays when you’re traveling. You also don’t need to be spending much just to be sure that you’re health and safety are at risk during this time. 

These are just some of the things, you’ll likely find once you stay with us. And with the help of vloggers who have stayed with us, we’re able to share these things with others in a more genuine way. 

They have helped a lot of our partnered hotels during this time and continue to do so.  For that, we are forever grateful, and our doors are forever open to you. 

We’re always on the lookout for savvy hotel vloggers!

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