The pandemic has given a lot of people discomfort and grief, but more so for local businesses that thrived on visitors for their income. With traveling being limited and even completely stopped, these local businesses are slowly dying and eventually closing down for good. This is the reason why we all need to support small local businesses during this time. 

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Local businesses are an integral part of a place’s economy. Without these local businesses, many people wouldn’t have many options on where to go and would result in a monopoly which isn’t exactly the best way to go. Furthermore, small local businesses are part of a community’s cultural experience. They are the ones who are most likely at the grassroots level when it comes to the authenticity of the product and production itself. Without them, there’s a sense of a missing piece. 

During this time, it’s important that we keep these businesses alive or at the very least afloat. You can do so by these few simple things: 

  • Order from them directly whether they sell food, packaged meals, and other products. 

  • Buy gift cards and give them gifts to friends. 

  • Give them a shoutout on your social media and encourage everyone to support them as well. 

  • For your everyday products, you can buy from small artisan shops that give better and safer qualities than commercial ones. 

  • Donate to their cause whether that’s by sending food or any monetary amount to help their employees and other organizations they’re helping out. 

  • Leave a positive review - if it deserves one. This will help them attract more followers and eventually consumers. 

RedDoorz Philippines 

Even though RedDoorz is a popular and successful budget hotel in Southeast Asia, it has given quite a support during this time to local businesses in the hotel and tourism industry. 

In the Philippines alone, it has given a helping hand for local accommodation establishments a chance to stay open and turn into a place for essential and quarantine stays. This helps them to stay in business during this time where travels are only limited to these categories. 

They are also there to guide these local businesses in preparing for when leisure travels begin once again, making sure that they are the best they can possibly be for when visitors are finally able to visit their provinces in the future. 

They are there in every way to help and support these places from start to finish, including helping them with being accredited by their local government and health organizations, and in keeping their place sanitary and safe for guests who would stay there. 

Need a place to stay when you can travel leisurely again? RedDoorz hotels are perfect for that safe stays! 

With over 200+ hotels across the country, RedDoorz paves the new way for Filipinos to have safe and quality hotel experiences and risk-free travels around the country with the best affordable offers in the market. Book your stay by visiting our website and downloading our mobile application now! 

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