It has been four months since the quarantine started. Some of us have been stuck at home, reminiscing previous travel adventures, while others are starting to make plans for their yearned future trips.

One thing [code:  PHTH15ALCIAAX3AQ - view details here:  https://bit.ly/PHTRHunt] is for sure though, our selfies, our cats and dogs’ cute photos, plant babies, and newly-tried baking goods have occupied the entire space of our phone galleries. It is time to feed your travel-hungry soul by posting something Insta-worthy by having a DIY travel photo.

Stand out from the rest. Be creative and level up your game with these five Instagram photo hacks that you can do at home:

1. Underwater selfie

Achieve that underwater selfie in Coron, Palawan with this simple hack. If you have a pool at home, then this might be easy for you to get that underwater snap. Grab your go pro or your waterproof smartphone, make sure you set your go pro or smartphone camera’s timer just right so you'll have enough time to pose, hold your breath, and smile. You can also activate the burst shot setting so you will have enough photo options to choose from.

Photo Courtesy of Photos with Phones

2. DIY Waterfalls

We can’t wait to visit Hagimit Falls in Davao but for now, let’s create our own waterfalls background at home using only a spray bottle. The key to recreating the waterfalls effect is to place a light behind the spray as this will add sparkle to the water droplets. You can also use a pressure sprayer that can produce large water droplets making the effect more believable.

3. Starry Night

Do you miss stargazing? This hack will transport you under the starry night sky of Zambales. Recycle your Christmas/fairy lights by using it against a black background to make an instant starfield backdrop inside your room. You can also use these lights to create a bokeh effect by blurring the background of the photo and make sure that your subject is far from the background to achieve this out-of-focus effect. 

Photo Courtesy of The Architecture Designs

4. Golden Hour Glow

The rainy season is here which means Mr. Sun is not as visible in the afternoon as before. Recreate Boracay’s famous sunset and get that golden hour glow in your portraits with Color Gel Filter Paper and a LED Light. The first thing you need to do is to set up the LED Light in the background. Cover the light using either gold or yellow Color Gel Filter Paper and place the LED inside or outside your window depending on where you want to shoot, this will create a glowing sunny background. You can also use your camera’s flash and cover it with the gold or yellow color gel filter paper to create a soft glow in your selfie. Just be careful though, as these lightings can be a little tricky, just make sure you control the light or flash to avoid harsh effects that might ruin your photo.

5. Tropical Vibe

Plants can make a fantastic backdrop just like that old travel photo you have when you’re standing between the tall trees of Bohol’s man-made forest. But with the current travel restrictions, it is difficult for us to see these amazing tourist spots anytime soon. For now, let us recreate this tropical vibe photo in the comfort of our home. All you need is an indoor or outdoor large-leaved plant as the background of your photo. If you’re not one of those plant Titos and Titas, you can order a tropical-themed wall hanging tapestry which you can buy online and use it as a backdrop for a perfect tropical vibe selfie. 

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Which hack is on top of your to-do list? We hope you'll have fun trying these at home and don't forget to share your photos with us by posting it on Instagram. Please tag us!

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