On a normal day, it’s easy to go around the Philippines to get a breath of fresh air and to unwind from all the stresses of your everyday life. However, due to the pandemic, this has become quite challenging. 

Don’t worry though, as we are slowly and surely opening borders within the country, and that much-needed reprieve for your mental health is coming to a lot sooner than you think. 

For your future travels, we’ve listed down cities and activities that can help you with your mental health. There’s nothing like being one with nature to reset your mind, body, and soul for you to continue on your life. 

Tagaytay City, Cavite - In need of a quick getaway from the city and all the stresses in your life? Then a trip to Tagaytay City is the best course of action. With only less than 2 hours away from the Metro, you can immediately be surrounded by the great outdoors. You can spend an entire day going to attractions, eating yummy food, and or just relax at the many parks located within the city

Photo from Travel to the Philippines 

San Miguel, Bulacan - Bulacan is another province that’s quite near the city. You can go for a day trip here and spend some time hiking and enjoying the waterfalls located in the Biak na Bato National Park in San Miguel. It’s a great way to exercise your physical strength while letting your mental one rest. There are some other notable things you can do in Batangas should you wish for more options. 

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Palawan - It’s hard to choose which city is best to visit while you’re in Palawan as this province is just blessed with all the beauty from Mother Nature. If you’re like us who simply can’t choose, maybe a road trip around this province can do wonders for your mental health. We promise it’s worth all the time and effort. 

Photo from PEP.PH

Boracay, Aklan - Boracay is certainly a tropical paradise that will inevitably do wonders for your mental. With its pristine beaches and fine white sand, we’re pretty sure your mental health will be good as new. There are plenty of activities you can choose from but we recommend going on a paraw sail and just watch the sunset from there. 

Photo from Living + Nomads

Roxas City, Capiz - Known to have the cleanest and greenest air in the country, Roxas City is exactly the good that your physical and mental health needs. Aside from that, you can eat all the seafood as much as you want. Now, that’s what we can call an overall reset, right there. 

Photo from Pala-lagaw

Malaybalay, Bukidnon -. Bukidnon’s stunning natural visual and delicious fruits are something everyone must see and taste which the latter is relatively cheap there. What makes it different from other tourist destinations in the country is that most people visit this province for its rolling hills and vast highlands which can help you get that much rest for your fatigued mind. You can read more about the beauty of Bukidnon here. 

Photo source: Philippines Lifestyle

Camiguin Island - The second smallest island in the country is jam-packed with all sorts of sights. Getting there may be challenging as there are no direct flights, but you can easily go around the province for less than a few thousand. Here you can easily get lost in the natural beauty of the place and even forget about why you needed to get away in the first place. 

Photo from Wikimedia Commons 

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