A lot of us probably thought 2020 was going to be our year. However, a pandemic happened and it completely derailed all of our lives. Now, as 2021 started to roll out and the situation seems a lot better compared to last year, traveling - it seems -  is still a very sensitive topic for many. 

This is understandable given that there are still a lot of people and places that are still being threatened by this virus, and are still being affected by it. People are indeed very sensitive nowadays and rightfully so. So if you’re a travel blogger, the current situation may have imposed quite a challenge for you. 

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Since traveling was pretty much banned last year, and restrictions are still being placed this year, you might think that there isn’t much to write about. That’s where we think you’re wrong. 

We may not be professional travel bloggers here at RedDoorz blogs, however, we love reading about traveling and exploring places. And as avid travel blog readers, there are some things that we can suggest for you to write about during this time. 

Write about your own local place. As travel bloggers, we know that you guys spend a lot of time exploring the rest of the world. But what if you wrote about your country, your own community? This may be the place you grew up at or even the place you’re currently living. There’s nothing like getting to know you other than the place you’re at. You’ll never know, it might interest us to go there in the near future. And since traveling elsewhere is still restricted, it’s a good way for you to also revisit your own local place which makes a pretty interesting read. 

Write about your first travel gateway. You probably have written this already, but there’s no harm reliving it and retelling it to your readers. You can go deeper and reflect on the things you’ve done. There’s nothing like reading a story of your first travel and getting to know you before you became a popular travel blogger! 

Write about your dream destinations (if you still have any). These types of blog entries are the ones that can inspire other people to explore other places in the world. Not everyone is really as diligent when it comes to researching. So by sharing your knowledge and even a list of places you want to visit and why can help anyone with their own travel bucket list. Plus, during this time, you’ll be able to connect with you’re readers who are also going through some travel blues. 

Write about your thoughts on a destination. There’s nothing quite like reading a personal first-hand entry especially when it comes to traveling. Real-life experiences are what make readers feel close to the writer and help them get a better understanding of the destination. What’s great about this is that you can write about past destinations you’ve been to during this time. 

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Write about travel information during this time. By now, a lot of people are more than excited to go and travel elsewhere. A great article to write about is a list of countries, places, towns, etc. that are slowly reopening or will open soon for travelers, and all the travel information anyone would need during this time. 

Write about where people can stay that’s safe, clean, and affordable during this time. As more and more places are opening up, another great thing to write about is hotels and accommodations that are safe and clean to book plus affordable so that many people will be able to get excited over it. This is very helpful, especially in the current situation. 

Again, we are by no means professional travel bloggers, just readers who are looking to read more about certain topics pertaining to traveling. We hope this list of suggestions will help you throughout this time as travel bloggers! 

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